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Warlock is having fun

February 20, 2012 by Zelg
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Warlock is having fun

DotA2 Hero: Warlock

Purchase Order

Starting #1

Animal Courier
Flying Courier
Sage's Mask
Robe of the Magi

Starting #2

Sage's Mask
Robe of the Magi

Mid Game

Power Treads
Void Stone


Boots of Travel
Shadow Blade
Sentry Ward
Observer Ward
Black King Bar

Core Inventory

Aghanim's Scepter
Refresher Orb


Blade Mail

Hero Skills

Fatal Bonds

2 4 8 9

Shadow Word

1 3 5 7


10 12 13 14

Chaotic Offering

6 11 16


15 17 18

Warlock is having fun

February 20, 2012


This is just a my first test guide, its a little different gamestyle guide for warlock. If you have a good team you can have lots of fun and be really usefull on big fights later on

I repeat myself this is just a test, not a guide for play as support and probably not the best build, tips are welcome

Early Game

It's usually your job as support class to buy the Animal Courier (you can buy even the Flying Courier at the game start) and its really important since you should have no need to retreat to the base to collect items, Warlock is a hero that can stay almost all the time fighting in lanes.

First skill is Shadow Word, nothing much to say its a nice heal and can be used to harass enemies making them fall back and avoid to get last hit/money

Second skil is Fatal Bonds, like before harass is your word.

You should keep leveling up this skills until you get your ultimate, your job is literally to piss off your enemies, cast your spells trying to keep them always under 50% hp so they can't play aggressive, if needed buy again Clarity Potions, the good thing about be a support class is that you are not totaly depends on items, you can sacrifice early incomes for keep pushing the lanes and making other players life harsh.

Once you obtain your ultimate you can start to try to organize with others team players for some gank, your casting range is really good, you have to abuse it. If you pair with a ganker or initiator you can easly kill on early game.

Middle Game / Late Game

Mostly you will keep playing like early game, your priority is to buy Void Stone for mana sustain and focus on get your Aghanim's Scepter asap. Your second worry is the Refresher Orb.

Once you obtain your last core item, if the other team players did their job your life is all a downhill, you just need to wait for group skirmish, save your ultimate and orb always for this occasions, cast Rain of Chaos, use Refresher Orb and Rain of Chaos again after a couple of seconds, 4 golems will start to rampage and the enemy team will be overwhelmed, with some coordination and your comrades you can smoothly kill all 5 heroes.

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