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Warlock, Caller of the Spirits - Despair Bringer

January 23, 2013 by ownedbycreep
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FancyFish (1) | February 10, 2013 12:32pm
Good guide, though i really think you underestimate some items and his Shadow word. 1. You put refresher orb into this guide, so, if your gonna need mana to supply the orb and ultimate alone w/o considering your other abilities, because mana regen isn't going to supply all your needs. How to do this, arcane boots. Now, the downside to that is, you might have a harder time planting down upheaval, but honestly, I find a lot of heroes can get around this. I think it really depends on the heroes you find yourself fighting, but I find a lot of ranged heroes, heroes with a blink ability, that'll ruin the effect to some extent anyways. Also, I've never heard of using blink dagger before, because again I don't want to put myself in a position where I'll be singled out and channeling an ability, even if my golems are there and fighting. I haven't used drums either, but they seem like they could be helpful w/ Warlock. Also, Aghanims Scepter, an amazing item. Zedek explained it all, and how effective it is. I can solo Roshan in less than 30 sec with 4 golems, and I find it to be one of the last items in my core build. With 4 golems, it turns Warlock from Disabler/Initiator/Support/Lane Support to complete ***kicker. Other than that though, nice item build. The last thing on my mind is Shadow word, and why you put your first point in it at level 10. It's a solid babysitting move mainly for it can heal your friend carry enough to get back in the action for some more farm and it can make your farm safer because the enemy just runs away for awhile so you and your carry can get lvl's and gold.
ownedbycreep (1) | January 10, 2013 1:03pm
Thanks for feedbacking and sorry for not answering, I didn´t look dotafire again for a year.
I wrote this guide a long time ago and I would change some things. However, I´m still firm on the reasons not to build AGHANIMS, there are items with stronger synergies and a better outcome than 2 golems. For that cash you can have a necro 3 or choose 2 out of dagger, meka, drums or veil, items you will use during the whole game and not only on teamfights. If you want to boost your teamfight power, go refresher instead.
Bucfan | October 28, 2012 9:46pm
Zedak you are completely right i have done that exact combo at the end and it DESTROYS i also love to fountain dive with 4 golems because everyone in fountain is dead especially when pacted but the guide is interesting and i think it is much better when you are not doing well on farm and the skill build works very well so thanks for the awesome guide
Zedek | September 15, 2012 3:41pm
I really like your guide. Easily the best warlock guide here... however, there one main point where I disagree with you:

1. Aghanims Scepter: You really underestimate it. Each golem does 3000 immolation damage over its lifetime. With scepter you double that. What's more, is that each golem has a 60% chance to proc a 200 damage nuke with each attack.

Am I saying this is core? No. Am I saying to get this before Refresher? No.
If you're doing well and can combine it with refresher? Why the hell not?

Not only is it awesome to have 4 very powerful golems rampaging, their immolation stacks... that's 4 Radiances (even better than Radiance actually) that stack, or 12000 over 60 seconds. Each with a 60% chance to proc that 200 damage nuke on top of their regular attack damage.

All this is happening while they are linked together with Fatal Bonds...and slowed by upheaval...

Link all 5 heroes and drop your golems... and each one is doing 100 DPS with immolation alone. That's 400 damage per second to all enemies with just their immolation!

It's... glorious...
Rogue-Helix | April 13, 2012 11:50am
I agree with alot of what your build says, it makes sense and I intend to implement it along with the other guide above yours (combine them to my preference).
However I think you discount the extra damage potential you can get from the Scepter on having two Golems. The burn damage of the golem at level 3 is 50 per second. They survive for 60 seconds that equals 3000 damage, if you have two thats 6000. While they usually don't that long but combined with Upheaval makes them nasty and thats a potential 10 seconds minimum of 500 damage, 1000 if you have two. Causing people to either focus on the golems or take the damage and be burned alive, this gives your team time to use the chaos to their advantage. Just my two cents.
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