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wait, why are you even picking the poor man's tide?

November 23, 2014 by skykeks
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worst build for the worst hero.

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

wait, why are you even picking the poor man's tide?

November 23, 2014

just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

before you even pick treant, remember: you choose to be the worst hero in the game.
tide is a way better choice. it has a good farming skill and can farm ancients easily and doesn't interrupt carries farm to be effective.
treant has none of those. its ulti is even weaker in every way. the best ability free wards is now only available when you have aghs, then again, it is impossible for treant to farm aghs fast enough for free wards to be effective.
you only pick treant when:
tide is already picked
you want to be useless
you want to get countered hard by bkb or manta
you want to made yourself invisible to the enemy
you want to babysit half damaged towers and be useful after you abandon the game

ok? all clear? still wanna do this? ok. I will be on the other side and enjoy free mmr :^)

once you are in the lane, wait (or farm if allowed) for moni and get orb of venom first.

orb of venom is a cheap early item and sync with treeman high base attack and gives him very good harass early.

get boots afterwards. finish your armlet from sage mask. congrats! now your punching power is ridiculous.

get bracer first if you are feeling squishy. or else finish arcane boots first.

you should have enough money for mask of madness now. your core item for DPS!

finish up with rod of atos, it gives tree man the much needed health/mana, and a very good low cd high range slow.

I haven't tested armlet much, just because atos is always a better build. but nevertheless it is a good item on tree thanks to free regen from buff.

if the game somehow didn't end yet you are easily fugged, treeman is nowhere an end-game semicarry. you really need to work on the game objective that is knock buildings out.

drop orb of venom and build:

heart, if enemy easily dispose you

assault curi*** for extra attack speed and armor debuff on towers/buildings.

Daedalus if you are feeling good replacing the real carry.

sheep stick if more lockdown needed

necrobook for more building smashing power.

thats it folks, if this build doesn't work well, remember it is volvo fault for making tree man the worst hero ever existed.

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