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Viper: King of DoT

March 29, 2014 by TheSofa
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Mid-lane Oriented

DotA2 Hero: Viper

Hero Skills

Poison Attack

1 3 5 7


2 4 8 9

Corrosive Skin

10 12 13 14

Viper Strike

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi! This is my first guide, so please give constructive criticism in the comments. Thanks, and enjoy!

**Note** This guide is unfinished, and let me know what you would like to be added!

Pros and Cons

+ Has little to no mana problems
+ Excellent Slow
+ Snakes are awesome


-No real escape
-No CC

Skills and Skill Build Justification

Poison Attack

This is Viper's bread and butter. Use it to harass early-game, and dish out massive damage mid-game. Skill this first, max it first.

Nethertoxin is why Viper hits so hard mid-game. At level 4, it gives a max of 160 damage every attack! Skill this 2nd, max it second.

Corrosive Skin

Many people like to get this early, I don't, but it's just my preference. The Magic resistance I think is better late-game. Skill this last, max it third.

Viper Strike

Although this won't seem like it does a lot, but at level 3 it does a total of 745 damage! I cast this on fleeing heroes, or when I'm going to trade hits with another. For example, I was fighting a Sven 1 on 1. I won the fight with 14hp to spare. If I hadn't used Viper Strike, Sven could have easily got off another auto-attack and I would have died. Skill this at the standard levels 6, 11, 16.

Item Build Justification

Starting Items: Your standard regen, and slippers to help last-hit.

After: Bottle in Mid. 'Nuff said. Upgrade Slippers to Wraith Bands. Generally I like to get my Tranquil Boots before that, as Viper is a bit squishy.

Core: I think most people will agree with me that Manta Style is excellent on Viper. Agh's is pretty awesome on Viper, meaning you can do a 80% slow and 745 damage every 12 seconds.

Extended core: The Orchid Malevolence will provide your disable/silence, while the stats and the magic amplification are nice too. Butterfly is epic on all Agility carries, and Viper is no exception.


BKB if enemy has too many stuns/disables
Boots of Travel for mobility
Heart of Tarrasque if you need hp and hp regen
Scythe of Vyse for another disable, and the Intelligence is great too.
Shadow Blade for ganking. I usually get this one, because it can help you escape situations you might not have...


I usually go for mid, although I have seen Viper in the easy lane.
Last-hit, deny, bla bla bla...
Use your Poison Attack to harass the enemy if they get too close. They will have to go out of lane very quickly.

Once you hit level 6, you can attempt to kill the enemy mid-laner. You should out-level him since he went to base to regen. That means that he will not have his ult yet. Easy kill. Viper Strike him first, just to make sure he's not going to run away. Then Poison Attack him to death. Nethertoxin will kick in, and he's dead. Continue laning, although you might want to gank top or bot.


By now you should definitely have your Manta Style. Push down mid tier one (if possible)
To push, tank the creeps because corrosive skin will help to some damage. when the creep wave is gone, use Manta Style, then select you and your illusions to attack the tower. When the tower is finished with the creeps, it will (hopefully) attack your illusions. Just like Lycanthrope, when one of your illusions are just about to die, move them out of tower range so the tower will choose a new target. If no one hinders you in this, you will be done with the tower very soon.

Be sure to be there at every team-fight!


Viper Strike the main enemy carry, that way his auto attacks don't do as much. Then Poison Attack him to death. Meanwhile, your team is doing damage to the others. When you kill the carry, come back and clean the mess up. Nethertoxin should make that very easy.

If you're getting chased:

Turn around, ViperStrike to slow them down, and RUN. Viper has a pretty low base movement speed, so it is quite necessary to slow them down. Poison Attack is also a slow, but you have to turn around and cast it, though.


You, for reading my first guide
IceFrog, for creating such an awesome game
JJmerril, for inspiring this guide

With regards,


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