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July 1, 2014 by deviousoverdose
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ADVANCED: Aggressive Last Hit Support

DotA2 Hero: Venomancer

Hero Skills

Venomous Gale

9 11 14 15

Poison Sting

2 4 6 8

Plague Ward

1 3 5 7

Noxious Plague

10 12 16


13 17 18

Support with a Kick

Venomancer has some powerful abilities. His wards help control a lane and his ult can be deadly especially in a group fight. I enjoy playing him as a supporting player with the Mek early on. This provides the team with good health coverage combined with Veno's Damage Over Time poisons. To protect Veno during support, leverage the blade mail. As long as you are not directly attacking, the tranquil boots slam your health back to max in no time.

You will end up with most last hits by the end of the game but you will not start out as such. Maintain control of your wards, be aggressive with them but let the carry in your lane get last hits. Once the early aggression dies away pull back and lay wards. Heal your teammates with the Mek and yourself with the Tranquil boots.

This build is incredibly deadly. Since I've got on it, its been 9/10 winning matches. Your teammates will stay in the fight matches longer, giving your poison to get to work, you will win more one on ones with the blade mail/poison/wards combo, you will be devastating and you will do it starting out as support.

I know this guide does not go into more detail. I can definitely do that if you want. I wasn't sure how much to put into as I wasn't creating a beginners guide to Veno. This is definitely more advanced as it requires the thinking and acting behind the playing. This is not so advanced though as to include item timing purchases. Let me know if you want more material and verbiage with this guide! If you have questions, just ask!

Skill Order Summary

This order is VERY UNCONVENTIONAL, at least from what I've seen and played with. Most people want their ULT FAST. I think Veno's wards are his ult and to get them maxed out and to max out Venomancer's poison as FAST AS POSSIBLE. This will give you the ability to control lanes, heros, and kill heros after leaving an area or death.

Then you build the Venomous Gale up so you can continue down the poison train tracks to winnersville. Then when its ready to really push and do damage to the enemy team you build up the NOVA.

The thought behind this is more than just wards and poison and such. Its also MANA control. The wards last 40 seconds, only cost 20 Mana, and you can get up to 6-7 of them in a lane spitting 42 damage per and upto 150 damage over 15 seconds. Thats a huge amount of damage if you leverage your healing and distance.

Item purchases Summary

I've placed the item purchase in an order that I like. It makes you aggressive but you will die that way, I am using the deaths as mana regen points until the 13-15 minute mark. Im not saying to die like a lunatic but dying 1 or 2 times by the 15 minute mark will give you the mana refills you need while taking out many creeps and an equal amount of Heros.

If you want to not use the deaths, get the tranquil boots sooner, and pull back on the aggression.

Item Purchases Detailed

Items purchase is built around maximizing Mana usage so that you can always be laying down wards. Health regen is not accounted for beyond the Magic wand. Death may come and this can be viewed as a mana/health regen. Just don't go feeding the enemy.

Start off with the branches to give yourself a leg up stats-wise and max mana and grab a Mantle of Intelligence to add a lot to your early max mana, plus this builds into the Blade mail. No wasting resources!

Next purchase is the Magic Wand to support mana and health generation then the headdress to support some health regen and your teammates. If you are in a lane that does not have much magic being used by the enemy, don't get the Magic Wand. Hold on to the gold or get healing salve.

Now you need some boots because Veno is a slow *** mofo. This also builds into Arcane boots and then the void stone which you want so you can support the mana hungry skills like Gale and Nova.

You may still be in your lane pushing and being aggressive without over-committing and supporting your carry or tank, getting the blade mail will give you the ability to really go 1v1 in a gank mode, push the towers hard, or go solo in a lane while lane partner goes on jungle trips.

Getting the buckler next supports this path towards Mek and the thoughts behind getting the blade mail. It also boots your creeps!

Now you get that Mek. This is just in time for the bigger team battles and to pull you out of a pinch. You are going to start burning through mana so upgrade your void stone to Perseverance. This not only gives you health bonus but increases mana regen and supports the build towards bloodstone.

Now to get the Scepter. This increases your Nova to ri**** levels. The Scepter should come quickly as team battles are raging and you are placing creeps in lonely lanes. This is the largest wait time between getting items though so be patient.

I get the bloodstone next to support mana and health regen.

I save up for the Eye of Skadi or Necronomicon (upgraded) they end up costing the same-ish. I like the necro because you already manage wards these are now mobile! The Eye has nice state increases and a slowly aspect.

Now you have won!

You are not a Tank

This build makes you want to jump into the fray and lead the fights. Its important to note that while you are better off in a 1v1 situation with the blade mail, mek, nova, and wards. You are not going to survive long leading the battle plus you've probably killed at least another teammate because once you die, your mek is worthless to the team. So is your nova.

The Mek supports the team, your wards support your team, and the nova should be used following the imitation of the team battle to support your team. You will get kills and you will get gold but most gold is achieved through creep last hits and not Hero kills. You will probably finish the game with a huge amount of assists, I usually end up with at least 20+ and normally high 20s.

Last hits, XP/Min, and Gold/Min

By maxing out your wards as fast as possible, you will become a last hit machine and will end up with more money and xp than you can shake your spiky little tail at. Though you will not be getting the most last hits on creeps in the early stages of the game. This is a good thing! It gives your tanks and carries the time to grow in strength.

You will see your LH, Gold, and XP following a logarithmic path. If the game lasted 50 minutes you would end up with an incredibly lopsided amount of XP and Gold than your teammates or the opposing team.

This is achieved by bouncing lanes starting around 13-15 minutes or when lane focus dissolves. The creeps will continue to flow as Hero battles become more of the focus. You can take advantage of that focus by bouncing between lane warding and supporting the hero fights.

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