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Unstoppable Tree 2.0

April 21, 2013 by rjw5934
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Semi Carry Tree/Ganker/Tank

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

4 12 13 14

Leech Seed

2 8 9 10

Living Armor

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

Unstoppable Tree 2.0

April 21, 2013


I enjoy playing Treant Protector and unlike most people, I prefer playing Treant as a semi-carry hero rather than support hero. Although Treant could be a good semi-carry hero in the begging and mid game mostly he finishes the game being support because his abilities are weak at late game and hard carries begin to surpass him.


- The headress gives extra stats and health regen in the early game. It works great in conjunction with living armor to help keep you heroes health topped off.

- The stout-shield also works in conjunction with living to armor to provide early game damage reduction and survivability.

- The arcane boots eliminates mana issues in game. This frees you up to use your abilities when kills or heals are needed.
- The sange will help you build 2 of you late game items.

- The sange and yasha provides movement and attack speed increases with damage and stat increases. This will help you run down and kill other heroes later in the game.

- The heavens-halberd gives you disarm and slow capabilities with stats, evasion and damage. This will help you interrupt and kill other heroes later in the game. This will also make you treant more tanky with the evasion.


- You won't need tangos with this. This will help you and you're teammates, High regen good armor, good survivability, and global ability. You can also heal and buff towers with this ability.

- A good ganking skill that slows the target and heals you.

- A good ganking or escape skill. It takes 2 seconds for the invisibility to kick-in be conservative when using it as an escape tool.

- A great tool for team control for ganking or escape. It stuns every character including blinking heroes and invisible heroes.

Pros / Cons

[*] Very Durable, Hard to Kill if played smart
[*] Really good in lanes both for supporting and ganking
[*] Good control during team fights
[*] Good escape and support for teammates

[*] Mana dependent
[*] A bit item dependent
[*] Not easily mastered

Team Work

Ganking - Treant Protectors attack and movement speeds are slow work towards items that will improve those attack and movement speeds. This will help you get off other abilities quicker. Save your ultimates for big team fights to control the entire other team.

Tanking - Treant Protectors normal abilities are already good for tanking work towards items that will improve survivability. Always keep living armor up when engaging the other team. Save your ultimates for big team fights to use as a defensive control ability on other team.

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