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Truck Treant Carry: Mow Them DOWN!

August 13, 2014 by Obamasnow
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DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

2 14 15 17

Leech Seed

9 10 12 13

Living Armor

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


4 8 18

Truck Treant Carry: Mow Them DOWN!

August 13, 2014


Treant Protector is a widely played hero in both pubs and pro dota matches. His skill to heal heroes and towers globally, as well as to protect them from large amounts of right click damage, are two things that make treant protector a force to be reckoned with. He is usually regarded as a support, but i believe with the kind of farm usually given to carrys, treant protector can easily become a carry himself with his great stat scaling. People have just never really given him the chance to shine.

Pros / Cons

-Extremely Tanky through all stages of the game
-Level 1 escape mechanism
-HUGE Base damage
-Great Strength Scaling
-Not too mana dependent
-decent base move speed

-Not extremely mobile
-Can be focused down
-Susceptible to harass as he is a melee hero
-not a great flash farmer

Skill Explanation

Nature's Guise

Its a great escape at level one, and is easily utilized as the vast majority of land in the map is covered with trees. I chose to get it at level 2 because its a great early escape that will save any Treant players life many times. I save maxing it for later because its likely that you don't need more than 15 seconds if you are using it as an escape. Mid/Late game it can also be utilized as a ganking tool.

Leech Seed

This is a useful skill for pushing, counterpushing, and winning small skirmishes in the early game. A skilled Treant farmer can even use it to nab some extra gold from the jungle every once in a while. It is best maxed second as it provides less use to Treant than living armor.

Living Armor

Living Armor is hands down Treant's most important skill. Even when you are carrying him! Just because you're a carry doesn't mean you can't heal towers right? You can also heal teammates who would otherwise die. However, as a carry, you should put living armor on yourself before you go into EVERY fight. It provides a HUGE damage block of 80 at level 4, and it will keep you from dying as you wade into the enemy ranks and crush them!


Overgrowth is Treants ultimate, and it is what gives Treant Protector such a presence in teamfights. You can blink into fights and 5 man overgrowth a the enemy team, making it easy for you to mash their faces in with your big wooden fist! It doesn't have a terrible cooldown rate at 70 seconds, so if you really need to escape a ganking group of enemies, you can pop this and nature's guise away.

Items Explanation

Starting Items

Before you walk out of the fountain, you should buy Tango's and a stout shield when playing Treant Protector, as the stout shield provides a great damage block for melee heroes, and can help him with lane sustainability. One pack of tangoes are about all you should need to make your way into the mid game. (You can always living armor yourself if you get low)

Core Items

You should farm up your phase boots first, as they provide you with a lot of damage, and give you a mechanism for chasing down heroes. If you are absolutely STARVED for mana, you may substitute arcanes, but the damage from phase boots can make you an absolute menace to the enemy team later in the game. Next in your core items is a blink dagger, which gives you massive chase and escape potential. If you sense a gank and natures guise is off cooldown, you can always defensively blink away. Paired with living armor a blink dagger can allow you to dive towers in search of that last hit on an enemy hero. You can also blink into teamfights and Overgrowth. The options with Blink Dagger are enormous. Next you should buy a helm of the dominator. It give you lane sustainability, lets you jungle without any cares, and gives you a method for healing up after fights without returning to base. You will build it into a Satanic later.

Farming Items

Treant is not inherently good at farming, so i suggest picking up one of these farming items. Battlefury is better if you have a good pushing lineup, but in most cases i suggest picking up a quick Hand of Midas.

Carry Items

Satanic is a good item that can let Treant Protector carry. Satanic gives a big strength bonus, which is Treant's base stat so it gives him MORE damage. Unholy Rage allows Treant to heal all the way up to full in a teamfight if you hit your enemies while it is activated. Daedalus is a good item on treant because it gives Treant 81 damage, and it has a chance to multiply Treant's already massive damage by 240%. Mjollnir is a good carry item because it can allow him to push and flash farm with the chain lightning, and it gives him a huge attack speed bonus. Damage x Attack Speed = BIG SCARY TREANT.

Situational Carry Items

Bloodstone can be a good item on Treant because it allows him to snowball and you will never have to worry about mana issues again. Assault Cuirass is a good defensive item on Treant if you want to be even MORE tanky. Abyssal Blade gives Treant big damage, and a bash is always helpful. Monkey King Bar can help you crush that annoying Phantom Assassin or Faceless Void. Sange and Yasha give you strength, agility, and a speed boost that can be helpful in chasing down enemies. Boots of Travel can make you a global presence that can tank and push towers. Mask of Madness gives Treant attack speed and movespeed for a short duration, which can help him truly become a menace on the battlefield. If you do not wish to purchase a Satanic, then Mask of Madness is a cheaper option.

How To Make a Carry!

Well first off, everyone will think you are crazy when you announce that you will be carrying Treant to your team (which is something you should do.) You should try and find the best way to get farm. If you don't have a better carry than you should farm the safe lane, but if your team rejects this (which sometimes happens I DON'T KNOW WHY?!?) you may take offlane farm or even carefully solo offlane. If you don't have a mid and you are gutsy you could even take mid! You should play decently passively if you are in a solo lane, sapping xp, and sneaking in for some last hits. Once you get a midas you should use it constantly as it helps you catch up quickly in farm. If you are in a two person lane, you should probably play slightly more aggressive in terms of bagging last hits. You can throw out the occasional punch to the enemy laners, as it does nearly 100 damage per hit even in early levels. Once you get an item that helps you chase down enemy heroes you should try and find an opportunity to do exactly that. I can not stress the importance of casting living armor on yourself before fights! It can let you survive to get kills where none should've existed. Once you farm all of your big items you can really start the aggression. People may doubt the possibility of carrying treant, but i assure you if you can farm just a few of these core and carry items you will certainly carry in some fashion!

Try it out in a bot match if you don't believe me.

You'll love showing this off in pubs and your friends will all be so impressed with your carrying ability! I've even used this in ranked matches before with decent results!


This is my first guide so feedback and ideas for the guide are appreciated!

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