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Treant Protector Tank/Semi-carry

September 14, 2012 by Walrus tickle dance pad
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Truck Build

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp


Leech Seed


Living Armor

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


8 9 10 12 13 14 15 17 18

Treant Protector Tank/Semi-carry

Walrus tickle dance pad
September 14, 2012

Read this for ultimate truck experience

Have you ever picked up Treant Protector, and wondered; "Why does everyone play Treant as support"? I know I have. Treant has 25 starting strength. Only Doom Bringer has higher starting strength than that! This guide will focus on Strength, and getting Treant the Truckiest Truck Tank possible

2. Item build/play style

Pick up a belt of strength and a gauntlet of strength as your first items. This will make you hit the hardest, and it gives you almost 800 hp at level one, which is a great amount! After that, go for Power threads. Because you already have the belt of strength, Yo will get the fastest power threads ever! As soon as you have them, you will hit even harder, tank even harder, and have a lot of mobility. This is the time to show your opponents who's the dominant one. If they try to harass you, you walk right up to them and beat the **** out of them! You will be able to hit harder than them, and their hits will be like little pokes. From here, you continue to turn you gauntlet into a Bracer, and the Bracer into a drum for more strength and mobility. After that get a Sange to turn into Heavens Halberd for MOAR STRENGHT (You may turn it into a Sange and Yasha, for more mobility and attack speed, if you feel that you need it more than health and damage). When you have Threads, Drum, and Halberd/Sange and Yasha, your next items depends on the game. If you get focused down a lot by Squishy heroes with low hp, get the Blade mail. If you get focused down by a lot of stuns, get Black King Bar. If no-one on your team buys a pipe, get the pipe. Also, Generally Build AC, and Hearth. If you expect to get a lot of harassment early on, buy a tango/salve and a branch, instead of the gauntlet.

As starting Items, you can Begin with a Bracer and a Iron Branch, instead of a belt and a gauntlet, This will help you stay on lane much easier. Big Thanks to Jaslam for the tip!

Added Vanguard to the Item build. It will give you more Regen in the early stage of the game. Aso, Tanky.

Added Daedalus to the luxury items because dem crits!

3. Skill build

Try to max out Living armor as fast as possible, so that you get armor and health regen that you will very much need. You can put one skill point in Leech Seed for the slow, and one skill point in Nature's Guise, and put as many skill points in stats as possible to become a huge truck. You don't need more skill points in Leech Seeds or Nature's Guise, as Nature's Guise only gives a longer invisible duration and Leach seeds only gives you a little more damage. Level ulti at 6, 11, and 16. If you want to become THE TRUCKEST, drop leech seeds and Nature's Guise and start to level stats at lvl 2. This gives you almost 900hp already at level 2!!

4. Laning

This guide works best at laning with a support with slow/stun, that allows you to hammer at your poor foes. This also works at middle lane against a ennemy melee hero, as he simply can't do anything to you. Also, you can use Nature's Guise to gank, and pop ulti out of nowhere.


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