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Treant Potector Support/ Unkillable Guide (Work in Progress Still A Good Guide Tho)

November 27, 2012 by slappy902
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Support/ Unkillable Guide

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

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Leech Seed

1 3 5 8

Living Armor

2 7 9 10


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Treant Potector Support/ Unkillable Guide (Work in Progress Still A Good Guide Tho)

November 27, 2012

Note this Guide is Unfinished

I will Be adding more videos of me using this guide in the future along with info about why I use the item build that I do the pros and cons of Treant and much more

Why My Guide

I Have been a Treant player since I started playing Dota about 3 years ago, He has always been my fav hero.

I Played mostly all pick games and have tried many and many builds with Treant but this one has got to be my fav,

If you want to have fun playing treant this guide is most def for you , if you love annoying your enemy heros and being near impossible to kill this guide is for you.

Item build

Starting the game- Your gonna want to get a sage mask for the mana Regen Paired with 2 gauntlets of strenght your gonna only being able to get one right away but it will be easy to farm the little bit of gold to get the second one,

Once you get the 2 Gauntlets of stenght your gonna wanna farm up to urn of shadows and get a boots of speed, the boots of speed is a must as treant is SLOOOOOW lol,

then your gonna start farming towards your refresher orb and your soul gem, your gonna want to complete the referesher orb first then the Soul Gem

The Boots of speed refresher orb and Soul gem are your key items once you have them Everything else is just extra

Depending on how good you are at getting last hits and how smart you are at timing your ultimate for hero kills you should beable to farm up to these by the middle to late part of the game at the

by the end of the game your gonna be able to get hero kills pretty easy with refresher orb and your ultimate along with how hard you hit just make sure u pick your spots on when to use your ultimate.

Adding a vangaurd later in the game is always a plus the bonus health and and the regen,

If you have been fed by less skilled player along with an amazing farming getting a heart just makes you impossible to kill

Break Down Of Skills

Nature's Guise: Probably my less fav of treants Skills but still a very helpful survival skill with the added boost of speed and invisablity it is a helpful way to get away from enemy heros when at low health. (Note you must stay along the forest) but you should already have known that

Leech Seed: Your basic magical attack slows the enemy while healing allies around the target,

Living Armor: My 2nd fav skill I use this for giving basic regeneration of health, along with a bonus of armor great for towards a tower push.

Overgrowth: Ya you guest it this is probably my fav skill in the game lol probably due to me being a treant player, Pair this with refresher orb and u should be able to get any hero kill just make sure u pick your spots when to attack with this deadly combo


Farming is a must for this guide since Treant has such a strong attack it makes him easy to get the last hit on mobs get as many last hits as possible to rack in the good at the early levels. also since treant is good for pushing if he has another hero in lane push the hell out of the tower and get some extra gold for that your gonna need it, any time your gonna go shop creep one if you have the time the extra gold is needed.

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