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Treant on Team

October 31, 2012 by tremord
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On Team

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

4 12 13 14

Leech Seed

2 8 9 10

Living Armor

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

Treant on Team

October 31, 2012

Chapter Title

1. Treant help the carry to kill the enemies and not go alone (like support), and help with Overgrowth to kill enemy teams, but is slow, remember if you will support the team, you aren`t super hero, stay with the carry and help the team.
2. use this on creep for heal and give more time on yours creeps for push towers, and use on hero for drain some life and help on DMG, when they come to attack your team. This habiliti can save you or your partners. some peoples complete this first, but i think, if you open first the living armor, your team will have a little advantage on first moment (at day).
3. Use on friend to get a trap or surprise the alone enemies or groups (say first and get plans to use this skill, (using microphone it's better) (remember communication it's important). Also use this for escape, help to scape you friend or helping using overgrowth, if you dont get Blink Dagger. Complete this skill slow, because it will be used depends on your group and enemy team, not always you use that, some time you never used.
4. is the first skill to complete because you help your team on all map at day and near friend at night. And more regen and armord is very useful.
5. not much to say, this is your work when you try to get combos on teams. example, Magnus use his REVERSE POLARITY and put all nears enemys in front of him, and stun for 4 seg, if you pay attention after 3 sec you can cast overgrowth and trap all, 6 seg to deal Damage, if all work good they get reverse-polarity damage + -overgrowth damage, and the rest its the others work.



at bigining you are so slow, you must stay on lane and help your partner to kill creeps, take care whit range enemy because you are not michael schumacher, remember after lvl 2, like a treant in all his performance (more if you are tank), if you plans whit your team, you can regroup your creeps using jungle creeps, to get 3 big groups and push faster, its hard, but if you have a good team you can do it because you leech-seed heal your creeps to.

Help You (First Way)

Although you have living-armor, your mana regen is poor, mana bots, banguard an mekans give you the chance for survive like a support and help friend to stay more time on battle field and cast more spells.

Control (Situational)

Control the enemy can give you more time to run and save you or your team, or give you the possibility of control some hard enemy to get a chance to your group to kill him o other person. Buy this at last time because you need first help yourself and your friend to after control the enemy.

Overgrowth utilities
get you the possibilities of get in on a battle and use the Overgrown to help your team trapping the enemies, and get out. Buy that when you think you need it because you will have to get money first (this not is so important, remember you can enter and out using natures guise

Eyes on Map

Use wards to give you more eyes on map and get signal to team for protect your area and make combos, surprise attacks or locate the enemy easily. Buy that, depend on your group.

Aggro time (second wayl)

Some times, if you see your group have a little advantage, and dont need mekans or control or eyes on map, or if you plans help like a Tank you can buy+because this item combined with overgrowth make you an unstoppable tree, because you will do a lot of Damage.give you more speed andgive you more life and regen. the first way or second way allways depends on the team and the situation.

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