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Tiny Item Build (Alt-Tab)

July 5, 2013 by pantera1000
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


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Tree Grab

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Tree Throw

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Tiny Item Build (Alt-Tab)

July 5, 2013


Welcome to my guide to Tiny the Rock Giant. This guide will focus mainly on the safe lane Tiny+Wisp combo and why you should use this build progression. Tiny is an incredible carry that is extremely strong throughout the mid-game and late game. With wisp you can relocate gank and snowball completely out of control to the point the other team is completely shut down by the mid game.

Build Justification

Power Treads Alot of people like to get phase boots on carry Tiny but I really think Treads are much better. They give good attack speed and much needed stats.

Yasha I know what some of you guys out there are thinking. Building a Yasha before Aghanims on Tiny is like building a Yasha on Anti-Mage before Battle Furry. Why get it before your main farming item? Well Yasha gives you great movement speed while also giving more attack speed for finishing of those who managed to survive your stun+toss combo. With wisp following you around you shouldn't passively farm creeps, you should be aggressively farming heroes and Yasha helps alot.

Aghanim's Scepter The Ult upgrade for this item on tiny gives him a tree to swing around with auto attacks that extends his range while giving huge cleave and bonus damage to towers to help you push them down in no time.

Hyperstone Picking up one of these will increase your right click damage to the point that know one can stand up to you in the mid game. I don't personally recommend building it into Assault Cuirass yet since finishing your Yasha into a Manta Style will help you push down structures alot faster.

Manta Style Whats better than a gigantic, unstoppable, tree swinging monster? 3 of them. This item gives great stats and attack speed and lets you dispel most debuffs.

Assault Cuirass Finishing this item will give a ton of armor to you and your allies as well as giving negative 5 armor to nearby enemies and strucures which will help you chop down buildings even faster.

Daedalus Tiny has the highest bass damage in the game so picking up a Daedalus gives you insane crits to mow down enemy heroes in seconds. This should be replaced with an Mkb if the enemy carry has evasion such as a butterfly or Phantom Assassins Blur.

Butterfly There are plenty of good 6th item pick-ups you could do on Tiny. Blademail, Heart of Tarrasque, Heavens Halberd, just to name a few.) But Tiny's Hp, armor, and damage are all great. but what he realy lacks is attack speed, and this gives alot of it on top of evasion, armor, and a little damage. For those of you woundering, no evasion does not stop craggy exterior procs since it does so before the attack animation.

Black King Bar If you can get by without buying one please try and do so. But there are times when it is absolutely necessary so you should get it immediately after Aghanims Scepter and you will have to do without Butterfly.

Time to Wrap it Up

Keep in mind this build is based around high action ganking with wisp and team fighting so try not to be too passive and farm too much but also dont farm too little. I do understand that build progressions do vary for Tiny quite a bit but this is a good bass for what you should build but remember to deviate according to the game and current heroes your going up against.

I am open to any intelligent suggestions and i apologize for the short amount of content in this guide. It isn't meant for new players starting out it was written for more advance player looking to see some ideas they may not have thought of. If you are going to down vote please explain why in the comments and maybe i can adjust the guide if you didn't agree with it and have better suggestions.

Thank you for reading and happy pub stomping!

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