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TINY, Easiest way to be a pro !!!

December 2, 2014 by manaja
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I'm sure I'll win!!!

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


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1 3 5 7

Tree Grab

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Tree Throw

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TINY, Easiest way to be a pro !!!

December 2, 2014

What is Tiny?

Tiny is a strength hero. Its alternate name is Stone giant. It is quite popular but only some people know how to play it. If you are a starter of Dota 2 or Tiny, u must read this guide. This is my experience not my opinion. Tiny is usually played as a support (that I never recommend), tank, hard carry and pusher. He has two usable abilities and two incredible passive abilities.

When Tiny must be chosen???

Tiny can be chosed almost every game but be aware of its counters (Silencer, Death Prophet, Drow Ranger). Silencer's silencing abilities makes tiny not to use its spells ( toss and avalanche.) and so do DP and DR. DP's ulti is really hard . Be aware not to follow those spirits. DR's silence and frost arrows will make u die before u reach near her(DR). You should pick (must pick) if the opponents have riki or phantom assasin. Tiny is counter to almost every hero except silencing heroes. So, pick it as u like.

Start and Lane

You should stay in side lanes(top and bottom) and also mid only if no one in your team want to go. You can play well in 2 vs 1 situation because of your stun . I recommend for starters to stay with a support who have a stun like (vengeful, Crystal maiden, Slayer, etc) in side lanes. Buy all the starting items you found in the shop to start . They are two clarity portions, one healing slave, two iron wood branch, and a circlet as I've shown above. First skill should be toss.

Early Game

Don't overly try to last hits. Stay safe. Easy. You don't need much money. Just try 1 or 2 last hit for a creep group.You are not a ranged hero. Try to get a bottle after using two clarity portions. Upgrade your active spells (Toss to max and followed by avalanche). If you get level 4, you can kill a hero in your lane. That hero should be a ranged, fragile carry like sniper or soft supports like crystal maiden, Lina, witch doctor and dazzle. Use your toss first to that hero and avanlanche. Tell your ally hero to stun only after your stuns. Toss is important. Don't toss other things to the hero. Toss only the hero itself. It deals more damage. Get closer to him and toss first . Then, avalnche and some physical attacks followed by stun of your ally hero. If that hero is not dead, probably he is a son of god. Get power treads not arcane boots. U should get a bottle.

Mid game

Change lanes to gank hroes and defense or attack the towers. Usually stay with team. Don't try to solo. Bottle is the useful item and get drum of endurance after it.After getting Agnahim's scepter , you can play solo to push lanes. If there is a battle in mid lane, you should push top or bottom . You are an amazing pusher. You can get straight to barracks and get mega lanes in 5 mins. You can destroy the creep groups by using two spells.Use drum while attacking the towers. Play defense if neccesary but pushing is your main job. When you are killing a hero, toss first and avalanche second. Remember that!!

Late Game

U should get Agnahims scepter, drum of endurance and power treads before 25 mins. After that, it depends.
If your team is going to lose, you should get yasha and manta style to push fast. I prefer 3 hyperstones but manta style is a bit easier to push. You have only attack speed problems so I recommend these items. If you wish, mask of madness is also useful.
If your team is winning, three hyperstones and have lots of fun. You should upgrade those hyperstones into assault or Mjonnir(I can't spell that) . If your team is winning and you can find lots of money try to get Divines. Remember no to sell all attack speed items. They are vital. If your team is losing, ask your team to fight a team battles and you should push lanes as much as possible. Use your manta style and drum when you attacking towers. Destroy the creep groups using your spells. In this way, you can get a mega lane during a battle. U can change lane pushing the towers if you get one mega lane. U are the amazing pusher and you can get many commendations and win a game using this facts.


Pick Tiny if the other team got phantom assasin and riki. Why? because of Tiny's passive abillity . It stuns all besides and behind him. Don't forget to get monkey king bar if the opponent is phantom assassin. I've lost a battle with PA who only has Dominator and battle fury with my tiny who has three hyperstones, Agnahim's scepter, drum of endurance because of PA's blur(missing). Get monkey king bar after getting two hyperstones or manta style. Mask of madness is not my favourite but it's also useful when you are losing. Don't fight with riki under smoke.

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