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The ultimate feeding / instant 6-month ban guide

February 7, 2018 by emilywestbridge
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The ultimate feeding / instant 6-month ban guide

February 7, 2018


So I believe you all are playing Dota 2 normally, hoping to win some games and gain MMR. But sometimes you get queued up with absolute garbage teammates and you just can't
find a way out of that game. You're teammates start flaming you, call you noob and report you even when you're then one carrying their arses to victory. I know you've all been
through this.
Sometimes you just feel like quitting this game. You wish to uninstall it and never reinstall it again. But, before you do that, let's make sure that the uninstall is totally
worth it.

Most of the times people think that feeding is all about diving towers and feeding couriers.
WRONG! it's more than just that.

Feeding is more about putting intense psychological pressure on your teammates. Your goal is to make them pay for calling you noob.


Like I said, feeding isn't just about diving the enemy base. PICKS MATTER!

Let's start with strength heroes:

1. Clockwerk: You can use the power cogs to trap your teammates while ganking, allowing the enemy ranged heroes to escape and then right click you and your teammates freely.
Rocket flare will help you steal your safelaner/midlaners creep kills. On the other hand hookshot will boost your feed. Feel free to dive in with this ability and take some
tower hits.

2. Earth Spirit: Boulder smash can be used to kick your teammate into enemy team/ tower. Rolling boulder helps you move freely, upgrade it to level 4 and you can feed
efficiently. Geomagnetic grip can be used to disturb creepwave balance.

3. Earth Shaker: Fissure can be used to isolate teammates or block off their escape. You can also use echo slam to steal all the creep hits in a wave.

4. Wisp: Thanks to it's squishyness and the skillset, this hero is ideal for feeding. Keep relocation your ally into the enemy base.

5. Kunkka: X mark your teammates when they're tping to a building and bring him back. You can also use the ghost ship to steal an entire creepwave!

6. Legion Commander: Get low and duel the enemy hero and feed him damage.

7. Lycan: Feed your wolves to the enemy carry. Shape shift allows you to feed efficiently.

8. Magnus: Empower your creeps to push the lane in early game (safelane). Skewer is a good way to tower dive in early game.

9. Phoenix: Icarus dive helps you feed efficiently.

10. Pudge: Snatch your teammates' power runes/ bounty runes or hook allies to undesirable positions.

11. Slardar: Sprint helps you feed efficiently.

12. Tiny: Toss your teammates into enemy team. Tiny, pudge and earthshaker are quite effective feed heroes since disabling help doesn't do **** to these...

13. Tusk: Snowball your teammates into undesirable positions.

14. Underlord: Underlord is probably the best on the list. Farm a helm of dominator, dominate a creep and send it into the enemy base near the fountain.
Call your teammates for dark rift and use the dark rift on the dominated creep. Control the creep and send it into enemy fountain. Requires a bit of practice.

Agility heroes:

1. Anti-Mage: Use blink to feed faster.

2. Broodmother: Doesn't matter if your feeding or playing normally, you're gonna get counterpicked. Use your summons to feed the enemy carry. It's even better when
your enemy team has AoE abilities.

3. Ember spirit: Remnants can help you feed faster.

4. Faceless Void: Doesn't matter if you're winning, as long as the enemy team has a ranged hero or AoE nuker (Invoker) you're gonna be fine. I highly suggest you to
ignore the team till you farm a quick refresher and scepter, get the refresher shard if possible. Don't participate in fights unless you're having a landslide victory.
A well placed Chrononosphere can help save the enemy from a gank or even make them win an impossible teamfight.

5. Mirana: Leap charges help you feed efficiently.

6. Monkey king: Tree dance help you feed faster without wasting mana.

7. Naga Siren: Not the best choice but you can use the ultimate to isolate your carry (if he activates bkb and enemy heres don't)

8. Pangolier: Feed faster. BEEP BEEP! CHOP CHOP!

9. Spectre: Ultimate gives you global presence and dagger helps you tread freely, feed hard.

10. Vengeful Spirit: This hero was MADE to get revenge on your own teammates. Swap your ally into the enemy team. Vengeful was betrayed by her own people and they tore
her wings. Perhaps that's one reason vengeful is an ideal pick to get revenge on yer teammates.

11. Venomancer: Feed your plague wards to the enemy carries.

Intelligence heroes:

1. Bane: Nightmare your allies.

2. Chen: Test of Faith can be used to teleport allies back to the base. This will force your teammates to walk all the way back to the lane.

3. Enchantress/ Enigma: Feed your summons to the enemy carries. Note: Don't level up enchant's passive!

4. KOTL of the light: Farm a dagger, jump to a cliff and recall your teammates. Plus feed the courier to make sure your teammate doesn't get the TP scroll.

5. Leshrac: Because this hero sucks in this patch and you're gonna feed anyway.

6. Nature's Prophet: Use sprout to block your teammates. Teleportation allows to feed frequently. Don't forget to feed your summons to the enemy carry.

7. Outworld Devourer: Destroyers astral imprisonment helps you trap your allies, use this while they're channeling something.

8. Puck/ QoP of pain: Use your abilities to feed faster.

9. Pugna: Decrepify your right clicking carries, make them miss the last hits or let the enemy 1 shot them.

10. Shadow Demon: Use disruption to harass your teammates.

11. Skywrath Mah-gay: Thanks to it's squishyness and high movement speed, you can feed faster.

12. Storm Spirit: zip into the enemy base/ heroes.

13. Techies: Suicide helps you drop your HP faster. Block friendly neutral creep camps using your mines or plant mines under the enemy tower to feed some farm.

14. Winter Wyvern: Use your heal to stop your ally from channeling spells.


Divine Rapier: Having a bad game? make it worse! Use it wisely or you'll end up throwing the game in your team's favour.

Ethereal Bade: Use it on your right clicking carries or let the enemy 1 shot them. Works pretty well when enemy team has nukers.

Eul's cyclone of divinity: Cyclone your enemies to save them from overpowered spells.

Necronomicon: Feed this to the enemy carry.

Aegis: Snatch this thing if you think you're team is winning.

Forcestaff: Use this to push your teammates into the enemy team.

Wards: Optical aid for the enemy heroes.

Armlet: Drains your HP.

Tome of knowledge: Knowledge is power, make sure you share it with your enemies.

Gem: Because nobody wants invisible units to enter your bathroom.

Bottle: Better something than nothing.

Putting pschological pressure on your team.

Communication is the key factor. Scream on the mic, use pings. If that's not enough, download EXP soundboard and morphvox voice modifier.

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