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The Paladin

March 30, 2012 by F1R37YNX
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The Paladin OmniKnight

DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

Hero Skills


1 3 9 10

Heavenly Grace

5 14 16

Hammer Of Purity

2 4 7 8

Guardian Angel

6 12 17


11 13 15 18

The Paladin

March 30, 2012


You know nothing unless the Omniscience knows you."

Role: Support
Lore: Purist Thunderwrath was a hard-fighting, road-worn, deeply committed knight, sworn to the order in which he had grown up as squire to elder knights of great reputation. He had spent his entire life in the service of the Omniscience, the All Seeing One. Theirs was a holy struggle, and so embedded was he in his duty that he never questioned it so long as he had the strength to fight and the impetuous valor that comes with youth. But over the long years of the crusade, as his elders passed away and were buried in sorry graves at the side of muddy tracks, as his bond-brothers fell in battle to uncouth creatures that refused to bow to the Omniscience, as his own squires were chewed away by ambush and plague and bad water, he began to question the meaning of his vows--the meaning of the whole crusade. After deep meditation, he parted ways with his army and commenced a long trek back to the cave-riddled cliffs of Emauracus, and there he set a challenge to the priests of the Omniscience. No knight had ever questioned them before, and they tried to throw him into the pit of sacrifice, but Purist would not be moved. For as he faced them down, he began to glow with a holy light, and they saw that the Omniscience had chosen to reveal Itself to him. The Elder Hierophant led him on a journey of weeks down into the deepest chamber, the holy of holies, where waited not some abstract concept of wisdom and insight, not some carved relic requiring an injection of imagination to believe in, but the old one itself. It had not merely dwelt in those rocks for billions of aeons; no, It had created them. The Omniscience had formed the immense mineral shell of the planet around itself, as a defense against the numerous terrors of space. Thus the All Seeing One claimed to have created the world, and given the other truths revealed to Purist on that day, the knight had no reason to refute the story. Perhaps the Omniscience is a liar, deep in its prison of stone, and not the world's creator at all, but Omniknight never again questioned his faith. His campaign had meaning at last. And there can be no question that the glorious powers that imbue him, and give his companions such strength in battle, are real beyond any doubt.

The Paladin OmniKnight

Purist Thunderwrath the Omniknight is a versatile Hero who can take on the role of a Support but can also be played as a Tank or, in a rare moment, a Semi-Carry, depending on the player's decision. A holy and courageous Hero, Omniknight possesses spells that can protect and help an ally in trouble. His heal also doubles as a nuke, he can grant any friend Magic Immunity, and he can bless allies with an invincible protection spell. Few can escape the mighty and heavenly power of the Omniknight and he can also prevent enemy Heroes to take him and his allies down to the ground, thus, he's also a mighty Tank making him one of the most difficult heroes to kill.

This guide is to show that OmniKnight can be played more as a support tank all into himself. This build relies on Block, Armor, Stun and regen. I have found if you play him conservatively he can become a bastion for the entire team. One thing I found with Omni in the other builds he went squish allot. His gold farming is not that good so he needs to have a slim progressive build that ratchets him up slowly.

The Match start setThe Goal is to start Omni off with some Armor and mana regen along with mana pots. Its important to understand that with Omni your first 5 levels are spent as a lane assist. You are not going to aggressively engage any one unless it is to guard your lane partner.

The Lane Set is in a certain order to give Omni Block, Armor, Speed and Health Regen.
With these items you can start to get a little bit more brave and begin to come out against your opponents. Also a note is that if you follow the Skill Sequence you should have 3-4 points in his Degen aura. This should assist teammates with slowing down units trying to flee from you.

The Core Set is when Omni starts to become a one man army into himself. You can get very brave and become defensive for your team. Your goal is to be there for team fights. This should increase your survivability as well as your teammates.

The Final Set is what gives you the extra push to stand in the middle of the fray with impunity. Makes sure when you are building your Assault Cuirass to get the Hyperstone first! This is to ensure a higher chance to stun as well as adding increased regen.


This is a work in progress. Please add feed back.

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