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The Noobs guide to Bloodseeker

September 7, 2017 by Steve Woody
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DotA2 Hero: Bloodseeker

Purchase Order

Staring Items

First 10 min

10 - 20 min

20 - 30 min

30 - 40 min

40 - 60 min

Hero Skills


1 4 9 11

Blood Rite

2 13 14 16


3 5 7 8


6 12 17


10 15 18

Hero Talents

-7s Blood Rite‚Äč Cooldown
30% Lifesteal
+14% Rupture Damage
+10 All Stats
+300 Health
+75 Bloodrite Damage
+25 Attack Speed
+4 Armor

The Noobs guide to Bloodseeker

Steve Woody
September 7, 2017


This guide is aimed at noobs who want to become better as pub games.

As a noob myself, I understand how frustrating it can be so this is aimed to help anyone starting out.

I'll improve it over time but for now, this is just a brain dump to get the info out there.

Start in the jungle and take the bounty. (In options, turn on the creep camp border) so that you can see where the spawn boxes are. Then sit just outside the small camp.

Set your Q to auto-cast so you can one click it all the time. (this is not ideal for experienced game as you might want to cast it on someone else but for the noob level, its one less thing to worry about)

At 29 seconds into the game, auto-cast blood rage, stroll into the small camp, iron talon the biggest creep and take him down, then bash away at the smaller creeps until your Q is active again, repeat and you should be at full health just before the 1 min mark, enough time to get out the spawn box and then repeat the process.

At the two minute mark, take the bounty rune and tackle the medium camp, rather than walking in, walk behind and use the iron talon to cut two trees and create a path that you can use, iron talon the first creep, blood rage and then walk backwards so that they hit you one at a time, reducing your damage and allowing you to keep hitting them, you can also blood rite at this time to help clear them before the 3 min mark.

Now back to the small camp, then the 4min rune, then the medium camp again.

That is the hardest part over. Now your Q will always be active and you will be able to contest any camp. Pop into lane, harras a little and then straight back to finish off the small and medium camp whilst getting the 6min rune.

You should be able to hit 50 LH within 10 minutes which is better than most at the lowest levels, It should ensure you get your lvl 6 early on and then it's time to call a gank.

Look at the map, find out which enemy is out of position, where you can get an easy kill and attack. At this stage, you should now have your phase boots and be on your way to finishing your echo sabre. Pop back through the jungle, rotating from lane to lane, taking the creeps and ensuring that you have enough mana for a rupture and blood rite.

This should take you into the 20-minute mark of the game where the enemy will start to build items so you will need to work as a team to get those kills. Look for the ganks and make sure you are there to help. Rupture anyone who might escape and then blood rite on them to ensure they can't move, attack and enjoy.

It's better to make your opponent rage quit than to win the game and this should be achieved by 30 minutes after they get fed up with you popping up, especially now you have the silver edge.

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