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The Meme Tree

May 22, 2019 by TransactionComplete
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U Mad?

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

1 3 5 7

Leech Seed

2 8 9 11

Living Armor

4 13 14 16


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

450 AoE Living Armor
Overgrowth Undispellable
+40 Leech Seed Damage/Heal
+8 Living Armor Bonus Armor
+30 Nature's Grasp Damage
+15% Leech Seed Slow
-5s Nature's Grasp Cooldown
+2 Living Armor Health per second

Want to Pubstomp?

Most people in pubs underestimate the Tree.

They think "Oh! I'm at 80% HP, I'm fine to keep pushing."

And then the Tree shows up and disabuses them of that notion.

Except this time, it's a Meme Tree. He gives no ****s. That's why instead of promptly flattened, you'll be stuck to the ground (or flying in the air) for a full 20 seconds, giving you plenty of time to contemplate every bad decision that got you to that point.

Until you buy BKB I guess.

Buying BKB to counter hard support? Git gud scrub.

But Meteor Hammer sucks and doesn't have a good value to cost rati--

Ohh but this is a Meme build remember? We're not min/maxing, we're trolling.

Besides, the hammer provides:

1) a 2 second stun + DoT that doesn't break invis
2) Extra Lolz in a 1v1
3) Significant pushing ability
4) Lots of fun trying to bring the hammer down on fleeing or highly mobile heroes

If you want to keep an enemy disabled for a straight 20 seconds just to make them throw their keyboard across the room, you need the hammer.

10 easy steps to pull off the "20 second disable" (at level 12)

If you followed this guide for ability unlocks and your target is on the side of the lane near trees...

1) Nature's Guise Invis -> Meteor Hammer (2s stun)
2) Break invis with right click just as stun runs out (2.2s root) [4s disable]
3) Get in range of trees (should be just 0-2 steps)
4) Eul's target just as root runs out (2.5s disable) [6.5s disable]
5) Nature's Guise Root as soon as they land (2.2s root) [8.5s disable]
6) Get in range of trees
7) Atos them about 1.5s into the root from Nature's Guise (2s root) [10s disable]
8) Nature's Guise Root right before Atos root ends (2.2s root) [12s disable]
9) Get in range of trees and Ult right before root ends (4s root) [16s disable]
10) Nature's Guise root right before Ult ends (2.2s root) [18s disable]

Throw Leech Seed at them at the very end as the cherry to top their extra helping of Trollery.

On paper you could pull off a disable of just about 20 seconds. In practice, with cast animation time, spell travel time (atos), and naturally imperfect cast timing, the disable will likely be more like 16 seconds.

Still, it is a level of trolling that demands respect.

Pepe-Tier Trolling (Level 20)

The final form of this Meme build.

Just follow the 10 steps above, except this time you'll have your enemy disabled for just under 25 seconds.

For those times you just want to send a message. Extra points if you complete the full combo and leave without killing your target. Maybe ask for the 'high five' :D

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