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The Master Ninja: Gondar(work in progress)

March 22, 2013 by Xenergy
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

4 8 10 12


2 3 5 7

Shadow Walk

1 9 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

The Master Ninja: Gondar(work in progress)

March 22, 2013


Bounty Hunter,AKA Gondar. He is a Ganker/semi-carry who does well early to mid game and with enough kills, can take over and proceed to rape everyone. He excels during mid game in one on one encounters and solo kills, and can get away after a successful kill if the enemy does not try to counter him. One of Bounty Hunter's main strengths is his ability to gain HUGE amounts of gold after each kill, and that is why a good Bounty Hunter can have so many good items. Furthermore, due to this, once you start ganking and getting kills, you'll find that the game gets easier for your team as: KILLS = GOLD = GOOD ITEMS + LEVELS = STRONGER = MORE KILLS, and the cycle repeats.

Honestly speaking, Bounty Hunter is quite fun to play and although he has weaknesses, he is not that hard to learn and play decently, compared to insanely difficult heroes such as Invoker and Meepo, and has an advantage over heroes like rikimaru, other heroes which rely heavily on invisiblility, and squishies like Sniper and Crystal Maiden

This guide will cover the gameplay style of Bounty Hunter assuming you know his skills and have played him before, as well as laning, ganking, teamfighting strategies and what are the best skill and item builds to go for. I will try to go over everything in as much detail as possible, and if you think i missed out anything or if you have different opinions on certain areas, don't hesitate to let me know in the comments below. Lets get started.

Pro's and Con's

- Above average base movement speed
- Your ultimate track allows you to have tons of gold if you're playing right
- Great ganker
- Can snowball if he has got a good start
- Badass voice and catchphrases
- Good burst damage with a nuke and a crit
- Has an escape mechanism
- Can strike fear into enemies if doing well. They won't see you coming without detection until it's too late

- Squishy
- Can be countered by detection, disables, stuns,etc.
-Needs a few levels before he can be effective
- requires map and situation awareness to be effective
- If you don't get kills, chances are the game will not go well

skill build explanation

At level 1, get 1 point in Shadow Walk JUST IN CASE you need to get out of a bad situation. You never know,if you stupidly screw up or if 3 enemies come out to kill you very early on or even BEFORE THE GAME EVEN STARTS, it's BAM, first blood for them. So, just play safe.

Then, max out Jinada. Never underestimate this skill. It costs NO MANA, and you can use it to harass. Plus, it will help with the last hitting. While laning, you can just pop shadowwalk, walk up to the squishy hero and with Jinada, you can take off a chunk of their health. Most of the time, when you hit them with Jinada, they will turn around and back off, giving you a few free hits on them. Just be careful. Please don't go in and get hit by 2 stuns + a nuke and die.

Why don't you max Shuriken Toss first?,you may be asking. This may depend on the situation, but personally, I like to max Jinada first. Why?,Well, take a look at the skill. It scales from 100/200/250/325. As a result, getting 2 levels in Shuriken Toss will suffice early game. Furthermore, although the damage is most useful and prominent early game, try not to use it because of your tiny mana pool. For example, at level 3, for 50 mana, you will be dealing about (50+30)X2 damage with Jinada and Shadow Walk which is 160 damage approx plus movement and attack speed slow. Compare this with Shuriken Toss, which at level 3 you will have a level 2 Shuriken Toss if you choose to max it. For 115 mana( half you whole mana pool) you will deal 200 damage and a mediocre ministun.

After Jinada is maxed, proceed to put 2 points in Shuriken Toss because it scales 100 damage per point until level 2 Shuriken Toss. Then, get a second point in Shadow Walk, as this will allow you stay permanently invisible if you can afford the mana cost. After that, max Shuriken Toss and then lastly, Shadow Walk.

Of course, get Track at levels 6, 11, and 16. IT'S FREE GOLD, COME ON WHY NOT? And get stats at levels 15, 17 and above, obviously.

item build explanation

For starting items, grab a Tango and a Healing Salve, as well as 3 Iron Branch and a Stout Shield. The Tango and Healing Salve are for early regeneration. The Stout Shield will provide you with a damage block. This will help you to resist a bit of harassment from enemies as well as allow to to withstand the creep aggro when you try to hit enemies with Jinada. Furthermore, you will be upgrading the stout shield into a Poor Man's Shield later.

For early game items, get the items in this order: Poor Man's Shield > Boots of Speed > Magic Wand(optional) > Blades of Attack > Phase Boots. The Poor Man's Shield gives you damage block and +6 agility for a relatively cheap price. Get Magic Wand for some stats and if the enemy heroes are spamming spells. If you have some charges on your Magic Wand it can save your life.

Now for your core items. In my Bounty Hunter games I ALMOST ALWAYS go for a Desolator and a Medallion of Courage. Together that will be a -12 armor for any enemy hero you encounter. That means your attacks with bonus from Shadow Walk and Jinada will hit harder. You can easily take off a quarter of an agility or intelligence hero's total HP. Get the Medallion of Courage before the Desolator simply because it's cheaper.

Some people get a battlefury for Bounty Hunter. I personally don't like this item on this hero. A battlefury is an item for carries to increase their farm, not for a ganker like you. Sure, the +60 damage and HP and mana regen are nice, but the cleave is totally wasted. You should be getting kills instead of farming in the jungle with a battlefury. And it costs 4000+ gold too. I'm not saying its a bad item, it's just that there are better items you can get instead of a battlefury.

Ahh... late game. If you ever get these items, good job, it's most likely "gg" for the other team. After you finish your core, get them in any order: Butterfly, Sange and Yasha, Heart of Tarrasque and a Divine Rapier(just for kicks).

If there are many nukers and disablers out there(in most cases), don't be afraid to buy a Black King Bar. If you want some lifesteal for you and your team, get a vladimir's offering. Enemy carry has evasion or has just bought a Butterfly? Just buy a Monkey King Bar.

In games where I am winning and have all the items i could want, this is my finished inventory most of the time: Phase Boots, Black King Bar, Sange and Yasha, Butterfly, Desolator, and Monkey King Bar.

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