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The Intelligent Design - Laning With Bloodseeker

July 6, 2015 by DoctorTab
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Movement Speed Madness

DotA2 Hero: Bloodseeker

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Quelling Blade

Early Game - Choose One

Hand of Midas
Phase Boots

Core Items

Eul's Scepter of Divinity


Manta Style
Mask of Madness
Drum of Endurance
Black King Bar
Silver Edge
Abyssal Blade
Moon Shard


Sange and Yasha
Boots of Travel

Hero Skills


1 12 13 14

Blood Rite

4 8 9 10


2 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

The Intelligent Design - Laning With Bloodseeker

July 6, 2015


Hello and welcome to my first guide on DOTAFire, and it's an interesting one too. You may think, looking over the item build, that this guide is absolutely ridiculous. And you'd be right. It is fun to play. This build is based around the fact that thirst gives Bloodseeker no movespeed cap, so you can run across the map without giving a ****.

The Hero Himself & Pros/Cons

"Strygwyr the Bloodseeker is a melee agility hero imbued with dreadful powers to fuel violence and rip enemies apart in the heat of close combat."
- The Dota 2 Wiki

High Mobility
Huge DPS
A Silence

Squishy in the early game.
Silence is hard to land.
No good protection from hard CC.

When to Pick

Generally you should pick Bloodseeker when:

Your enemy team has a lot of squishy heroes and not that much hard CC (stuns, snares, etc.)

Your team has a lot of nukers who can chunk people so that you can gain movespeed.

You have a Zeus, Invoker, or Natures Prophet on your team. No exceptions.

You should not pick Bloodseeker when:

Your enemy has a bunch of strength heroes/tanks, especially those who can punish you for hitting them pretty easily (e.g. Centaur Warrunner, Axe, etc.)

Your enemy team has many heroes with lots of or long duration hard CC (Earthshaker, Vengeful Spirit, Keeper of the Light (especially deadly), Bane, etc.)



Drives a unit into a bloodthirsty rage during which a unit deals, and takes, increased damage. Heroes affected by Bloodrage will be healed for 25% of the max health of any units they kill. Heroes affected by Bloodrage when killed will heal 25% of their max health to their killer.

Bloodrage is one of Bloodseeker's signature abilities. With it, he is able to deal a lot of damage and also sustain himself in lane. We get this first but max this last, because the most important part is the static 25% max health that gets healed every time you get a last hit on a unit. The increated damage is nice too.

Blood Rite:
Bloodseeker baptizes an area in sacred blood. After 3 seconds the ritual completes, causing any enemies caught in the area to take damage and become silenced.

This ability is freaking insane. The radius is huge, the silence is long, and it deals PURE DAMAGE. This is a great ability which is made even better by Eul's (more on that in the items section). Use this on an area of enemies to get a massive increase in movement speed and damage, as all enemies getting damaged increases those thanks to Thirst. Speaking of which...

Enables Bloodseeker to sense enemy Heroes whose health is below a certain percentage wherever they are, giving him True Sight on that unit, increased movement speed and increased damage. Bonuses stack per Hero.

This. Is. Huge. This is by far Bloodseeker's best ability, and the ability that I have based this guide around. What the game doesn't tell you is that you get increased damage and movespeed even if they aren't below the threshold, as long as they are damaged, you get movespeed. Use to chase down your enemies and rush to defend your allies, it doesn't matter. All that does is that this ability is too good to pass up. (Note: is triggered by Meepo's ulti)

Causes an enemy unit's skin to rupture. If the unit moves, it takes a percentage of the distance traveled as damage. The damage is dealt through spell immunity.

This is just a fun ability. Use it on someone and then lock them inside a Blood Rite. Either they'll take damage trying to escape or take damage from the trigger of it, preferably both. This is the ability that makes all of Bloodseeker's other abilities shine and really make sense for him.

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