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The Ganker's Guide to Rooftrellen

December 29, 2016 by Vinnie TGAPWW
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DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

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Leech Seed

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The Ganker's Guide to Rooftrellen

December 29, 2016


This is my first guide, so please bear with me. I think Rooftrellen is a great hero to play. He can be a tank or a initiator/ganker. It's useful to start off with some health Items. He's not initially squishy, but If you don't watch out, he can fall behind. Mid/Late game, You need to build damage Items like BKB and cuirass.

*****NOTICE*****: THIS GUIDE IS BASED OFF OF DOTA 1 in frozen throne. Not all aspects will carry over flawlessly to DOTA 2. Sorry about that.

How to play Rooftrellen

The first thing you need to do is get Nature's guise and tranquil boots. These two skills are a great combination. If you ever find yourself at low health, there's no need to go back to fountain. Tangoes? NEVER! That would be cannibalism. Anyways, just hug a tree, cast guise, and let your tranqs to all the work. It won't take long for you to be back at 100%. Next get leech seed. It's amazing. Not only does it do a reasonable amount of damge, it also has one heck of a slow, and it heals you quite nicely. It's a great chase move; if they run, cast leech. Your ulti is also a great move if they try to run. It's a three second capture at lvl 1, and depending on what items you've been able to build by then, you can do TONS of damage in that time. You armor skill is also nice, but since we're building vanguard early, it's not really needed until later on.

How to Gank properly

Now once you've built BKB and cuirass, you start to become the ganker Rooftrellen was born to be. First things first, cast guise on yourself, sneak up on your target, and activate BKB. Wail on them until they start to run, then cast overgrowth. If that doesn't finish them, activate leech seed and give chase. By that time, they should be dead, but if by some miracle they aren't, use abyssal blade's overwhelm.
Now you see that he has a great ganking capacity, but it gets better. Your guise can be cast on teammates as well, and it has a very low cooldown. Imagine this scenario: You cast guise on yourself, then on your teammate Pudge. You both run in through the forest until you see your target. You overgrow, leech seed, overwhelm, he tries to get away, Pudge hooks, goes rot, then dismember. I don't care who your target was, they're dead. No way can they get away from that. You can even expand it to more than just you and one ally. Heck, you can guise your whole team if you want to!

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