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The coolest porcupine - updated

October 1, 2014 by Livingston
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Tirolone | August 19, 2015 5:18pm
hey, nice guide mate! I need to ask you this though, could you say something about Octarine Core and Lotus Orb? what do u think about it on Bristleback?

I also have some questions: What do you think about Solar Crest for Bristleback ; and how do you solve this hero's mana problems at early and mid game?

nice guide, keep it up
Livingston | October 1, 2014 4:07am
Hey, thanks for your comment!
I've skilled 1 pt in Bristleback as first just to let you be more durable, so with just a bit of attention you can easily make your way to ring of healt and later on for Radiance. The burst to defence that you take with Crimson Guard will work perfectly for this goal ;)
But, as always, everything in DOTA depends on the opponents team and on your team mates, so there is not a "perfect recipe" that works in every match. Because of that, if you feel like you need some more hp and/or you're not able to last hit because of you low base dmg, take the belt of strenght indeed. In the same way, as I've written in the guide, if you're being arr***ed go for the Tranquil Boots, and stay at 1200 unit of range (the max distance for taking exp) until regen.
iambatman | September 30, 2014 4:03pm
Great guide, awesome hero. Thx for this, altough isnt radiance quite pricey item to be rushed mid game? Assuming you dont manage to get well fed you might fall a bit back on tankyness mid game if you are saving for radiance? And probably the same for ring of health, it can be a bit costly if you arent doing so well early, maybe grab a belt of strenght before ring of health? But then again im just a noob so what do i know :D
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