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The Comprehensive Guide to Phantom Assassin

August 19, 2014 by ThrudsEveningPrimrose
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4

Meddallion + Lifesteal - Early Roshan

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

By the 18 Min mark - Core

The 2nd Core

Since Durability is not a Problem Anymore

When you want to go Arteezy

When you need more durability, even after Black King Bar

When you have enough dmg, why not some attack speed?

When you think, you will need regen

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 5 7

Phantom Strike

4 8 12 14


2 9 10 13

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


15 17 18

The Comprehensive Guide to Phantom Assassin

August 19, 2014


Hello everyone, and welcome to my guide.

Phantom Assassin is famous for her, over 1.5k critics and killing supports and squishy heroes in 1 shot. She is also a very good anti-carry type hero, which increases the game impact of the hero.
Even though her low hp pool, her 50 evasion gives her a lot durability. Her only counter is heavy nukers and monkey king bar.

I prefer pa on mid lane, because of her farming ability with the dagger. I would suggest everyone that you leave safe lane to a more omnipotent carry.

Pros / Cons

When to Pick without hesitating;
*Physical damage is a need.
*You want to play Phantom Assassin.
*Enemy has some squishy heroes.
*(For Mid Only) When they pick a mid laner like Viper , who will prevent almost anyone from farming without a farming tool.

When to think about picking;

*They have lot of lockdown.
*Strong carries, who can rush a monkey king bar after their first core items.(ex. Void)
*When enemy has heavy nukes. (lina, tinker)


Stifling dagger, is the bread and butter of your early game. Your farming tool. °ts saves you from getting harassed from the enemy. This skill used obly to farm before you hit lvl6, the last hits, gpm, are far more important than harrassing enemy for 1 or 2 ranged attacks.
After lvl 6, the 15 percent critic chance will let you gain the momentum of the lane, almost against all heroes. After opening your ult, you can think of ganking lanes (when mid).
This skill is your source of dps, because critic means dps,and you need attack speed to land critics. The low cooldown on lvl4 phantom strike lets you to go for damage instead of attack speed.
This the radar against enemy ganks. And 50miss chance will force the enemy to go for Monkey King Bar. This skill will also give you a great benefit on ganking, thanks to hiding yourself from the minimap.
Best critic in the game.


Gives good damage, which is needed for good critics. Better in the early game compared to power treads. The better choice.
When you really need the 8str from the tread, go for treads. °t is also good for spamming knives, when you change treads to intelligence.
Early roshan.
Good bonus dmg, because you have a good stat gain, and Vladmirs offering is not a Unique attack modifier, which means that you can build a desolator to increase your dps greatly.
When you need the stuns and dmg. Almost a 3rd core for pa. A fundamental item.
Please note that, bfury is a farming item, unless enemy team has illusions heroes. Please buy bfury, when supports stack or you have helm of the dominator.
Core item of Phantom Assassin. Needed against all of the nukers.
7minus armor increases the dps more than you think.
When you need insane lifesteal. When you need go, an eye to eye with heroes like ursa, viper, satanic is the better choice
Purge effect, purges golems, removes omni knights ultimate and 2nd ability, it is a must when playing against omni knigth because omni knight prevent you from dealing damage for 6seconds.
Dont make it, unless you really need it. If you dont have a unique attack modifier, make skadi. If you have satanic it should be enough, but if you went for deso, you can get still try to make sange yasha or an another item. Heart of Tarasque should be the alst choice.
When enemy is really dumb, go for it. Not the best item for Phantom Assassin.
Actually, Daedulus is not a bad item, but an unneeded one. It grants you only more critical, which you have. When you make an item you need to gain something. bkb grants magic immunity, ac grants armor and aura for teammatess, abyssal blade grants bahses and stuns, mkb grants trustrike and minibashes, which increases critic(sometimes). When you make an item you need some quality and something to be granted. Daedulus can be a 6th item slot item. But when you have 1.7k critics, you should not need more critic. It is for you to decide.
Manta Style is a really good item to farm 2 lanes simultaneously. Illusions have the critical hit as well, which increases dps of the illusions by lot.
Try not to waste gold on this items, but sometimes you might need linken too. If you die, you cannot deal damage.
A not so bad choice for 6th, or maybe 5th slot. When you already have 1600 critic, you should go for attack speed, so the critics wil lbe a common sight.
When you get physically bursted down, while you have a good hp pool, Assault Cuirass is a good choice.
I do not like this item. In my opinion this item is a waste of your gold. Still drum is handy for pushing, you can ask politely your supports to build this item.
You should go for this item when you need true strike, unless you do not need true strike, there are better items.
You need to buy this item when you go to mid. It gives you the needed mana to spam the skills and all the regen you need. Whether you make bottlecrow or go for runes.

Friends and Foes

Any lockdown ability. Treant.
Any stuns with long durations, Bane, Crystalmaiden.
Sheepstick. Lion is a good lane partner for pa.
Friendly Slow. Viper, Venomancer.
Initiators like Tidehunter, Axe, Beastmaster.

Heavy nukers. Lina, Lion.
Long stuns, and disablers. Pudge, Bane. Spirit Breaker in the first 18-22min of the game.
Void with Monkey King Bar or not with Monkey King Bar.
Cronoshpehere, since it disables all kinds of evasion.
Anyone with Monkey King Bar.
Monkey King Bar.
Tinker in the Early game. (If Tinker, you should think of buying a 2nd bkb with 10 seconds)


PA is a really fun hero to play, and when you get a hold of it, it is really easy to farm with her as well. You dont need much items to become active, but when try to counter you, you need to focus on farming. Like the other carries, farming is fundamental.

When you want to go pa mid in a pub, many people might disagree with you going mid, dont care what they tell. Pa is a good mid laner.

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