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The best way to play Morphling! XD

May 5, 2016 by AZaZ3L
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'Farming' is d name of d game XD

DotA2 Hero: Morphling

Hero Skills

Accumulation (Innate)


2 4 7 9

Adaptive Strike (Agility)

10 12 14 15

Adaptive Strike (Strength)

10 12 14 15

Attribute Shift (Agility)

1 3 5 8

Attribute Shift (Strength)

1 3 5 8


6 11 16


13 17 18

The best way to play Morphling! XD

May 5, 2016


This is my 1st build guide, so please be patient and have a broad minded view of this build. :D

Morphling is my go-to carry in the game. Reason being that he is quite easy to farm with through all the stages of the game, has very effective tools for escape mechanism and survivability {i.e waveform/A.strike and Morph(str)}., & if one can farm quite well and isnt't being killed off many times early on, after the 40~mins mark u will become essentially impossible to kill coz of all the items and your skills (wic are insanely good late game).

Skill and Item builds..

Waveform and Morph are your best lifeline in the early/mid game period, so max dem 1st. Level up the ult "replicate" whenever it is available as it gives u enormous map control when paired up with BoT. After maxing out the above mentioned skills, you can then level up your 2nd skill "adaptive strike", this skill is based solely on your stats i.e agi OR str, if you have morphed to max agi gain the adaptive strike deals maximum damage or if u have morphed to max strength gain den it deals maximum stun (4.25sec).

Now for the item build, i'm not a big fan of the "shotgun build" (linken's + ethereal blade), but it is super-effective against squishy heroes and pesky support heroes so u can practically 1 shot the enemy support with dis build. But i prefer Eye of Skadi over E blade (after i get my linken's) coz it gives u all the health and mana ul ever need and d all important STATS plus d passive slow wic along wid ur waveform shuld enable you to successfully chase down the enemy hero wid ease.

I always go for BoT over treads coz u really need d move speed (morphling is sooo slow :/ early on) and it synergizes very well wid ur Ult to give a superb map control and lane push ability. If u feel its a Manta style game (wen u r locked down a lot by projectiles) u can build Sange and Yasha b4 going for skadi and later on disassemble it to make ur manta. Also BKB isnt the item dat ul need evry game (it isnt really a core for Morphling) ul need it only wen ur opponents have insane amount of disables and magic nukes.

So after getting your Linken's, BoT, Sange & Yasha or Eye of Skadi u can choose between either Butterfly or Satanic, butterfly if u are fairly confident in escaping d enemy ganks wen dey cm for u during your lane push., or satanic if want to be in the heat of the battle, whr u can take on the majority of the enemy heroes with your "Unholy rage" (active of satanic 175% extra LS), so basically it depends on the situation of the game wen choosing between des 2 items. After buying either butterfly or satanic you can go for Daedalus or MKB, Daedalus if the enemy carry doesn't have evasion. If the game hasnt ended even after getting des items u can go for Manta to keep pressuring d lanes and if u happen to have way too much gold den consume a moonshard and watch how quickly enemy structures melt infornt of you.


Avoid team fights in the early game (mid game too if your allies are doing well in team skirmishes) enter team fights preferably after getting most of your important items. So the 'mantra' for morphling success is keep your head down and just "Farm"!!, farm like a madman and give away less kills as possible,so that u can becm basically invincible during late game.

So to summarize dis hero: hes weak early game -> can survive mid game -> absolutely destroys the opponents late game :D

Hope dis guide helps!

Peace out XD

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