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Team slardar

November 14, 2013 by killjoyfinch
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Tank/initiator role

DotA2 Hero: Slardar

Hero Skills

Guardian Sprint

4 8 9 10

Slithereen Crush

1 3 5 7

Bash of the Deep

2 12 17 18

Corrosive Haze

6 11 16


13 14 15

Slardar as a tank/initiator

Hi this is my first guide on Slardar.

I made this guide on my mobile phone so its not going to look very flashy or anything - im just going to get straight to the point about general item build, abilities, and a few details on when to pick him.
I hope it helps :)

When to pick

Slardar is a very tanky hero. He is often overlooked in pro play but he can be a huge problem for opposing team if not dealt with.

He specialises as an anti-tank/anti-invis pick as his ult doubles up as both truesight and an armour nuke.

Heroes he counters are those who rely heavily on invisibily to do well:
Riki, Bounty Hunter, Weaver and others who favour buying a Shadow Blade.
He melts down squishy supports with ease and becomes seriously dangerous when combo'd with other armour reduction items and abilities.

Heroes he synergises very well with are Dazzle, Vengeful Spirit, Sven, and other general right clickers.
The special mention to the above mentioned 3:

Dazzle's Poison touch and Weave - Weave gradually reduces enemy armour, so once Weave has been casted, you are free to select and focus down the enemies 1 by 1 with Amplify damage. Poison touch allows you to shorten single chases allowing you to get the kill faster and get out if necessary.

Venge's entire skillset - Slardar partnered with Venge is very difficult to escape from. Venge can easily chain stun with you, add bonus armour red and swap any escaping enemy back toward you.

The only special mention of Sven is God's strength and him being able to quickly capatilise on the armour reduction with his massive dmg output.


You want your Slam maxed as early as possible and your Amplify Damage on every level its available. They are Slardar's bread and butter.

We take one level of Bash at lvl 2 because even though the proc chance is small, it can be thw difference between first blood and the one that got away. Its a nice bit of bonus damage too when it procs under your amp dmg and medallion respectively.

Sprint we max quickly between and after slam for the escape/chase power it offers. Its better to max this out because the increased dmg while it is active is the same for all levels, but the speed increases. You dont want to be too slow at higher lvls and soak up big dmg while still taking increased dmg.

Item choice

Starting out we want som tank and a bit of regen to keep us going. Some might argue that tangos are useless now, but if used approriately and playing sensibly, they actually take you quite far.
Extra clarity for at least an extra 2 Slams if needed or a mana top up once you reach lvl 6 to cast your ult a few times with a slam.
Gauntlets build into either an Urn or Bracer, depending how the game rolls.
Branch builds into a Pipe later.

Urn vs. Medallion.
Choice here is simple. Find out from your team if anyone plans on building an Urn of shadows.
If someone wants one you build a Medallion and a Bracer.
If nobody else wants an Urn, you build it go straight into Power treads after that.

We want switchable stats, good initiation and we dont want to be interrupted.
You should be constantly switching your boots - intel: mana regen and spamming slam and amp damage; str: when you are being nuked or focussed on and for hp regen; agil: later in the game to get your bash procs going.

Bkb is essential to stay alive in teamfights. 10~seconds of magic immunity lets you seriously damage a team if you get a decent initiation.

Blink dagger gives you the edge you need to initiate effectively. Blink > slam > amp dmg > right click > slam > slam > sprint when needed to escape or chase.

Heavens halberd gives you tank, damage, maim, and a disarm for pesky right clickers.
Pipe gives you tank and a lot of spell damage absorbtion to your whole team.
Drum gives you nice stats allround and ms/as aura to your team (make sure nobody else has one before you invest in the rest of the recipe!).
Blademail is more situational. Buy if you are being focused on hard.

Satanic gives you a ton of strength and strong lifesteal. Better than HoT imo because you get insane lifesteal while in the fight, rather than when passive.
AC gives you and your team more armour and attack speed - your enemies less armour. Generally lets your team punch a lot harder.
Desolator gives you much harder tower push on top of more armour red.


I hope this guide is helpful, as bland as it is.
Rate and crit as you see fit :)

Killjoyfinch \m/

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