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Sweet as Vengeance.

November 18, 2012 by OneHalf
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DotA2 Hero: Vengeful Spirit

Hero Skills

Magic Missile

1 3 5 7

Wave of Terror

2 4 8 9

Vengeance Aura

10 12 13 14

Nether Swap

6 11 16


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Sweet as Vengeance.

November 18, 2012

Vengeful Spirit

Hey everyone, you probably don't remember me but if you do I have written a few mediocre guides, so.. here's another. This is a work in progress, I'd like some feedback on the bits I have covered however there is more to come :)

Vengeful Spirit is a really cool hero to pick up in matches; She has an awesome stun, good damage amplification and vision giving spell. An amazing aura, scales well into lategame and Her Nether Swap can be used for so many situations, the fact that it goes through bkb is the main selling point.
She is a very easy hero to play, but it takes true cunning to play her correctly.
In this guide I will aim to explain her 3 possible roles as Ganker, Carry and Support.

Pros / Cons

Reliable Stun.
Damage amplification skills
Vision giving skill.
Swap - Saving, Initiating, Chasing.

Somewhat squishy
Sometimes you must suicide to save your carry
No flash farming skills
Drops off after midgame somewhat.

Gameplay - Early

Basically your job is to gank and roam. You are able to carry but I'll come to that later on.
First off, run into an already dual lane with a stunner (and usually a carry) other than yourself, wait out of sight.
Organize with your team the target and when to strike and you will 3 man gank this target. This should always give first blood to you or your carry. With the money you can start building any items from Treads to Phase to Bottle or Medallion. I always grab chainmail to build into Medallion of Courage but its really up to you.

Now regen some mana and see if you are able to pick off another hero top, it's likely the opposition will be playing carefully, barely trying to last hit. If so, your job is done, if not, Kill again. Rinse and repeat until lane has been won for the carry.

Now you can check rune (if you bought a Bottle) and gank mid, or the other lane.
Try to put some pressure on the lane even if you can't gank them, say, if they were turtling hard.

Now that the respawn timer is a little longer and you're further into the game, your next gank should be able to achieve a tier 1 tower as a result of its success. Once you have pushed down the tower the game changes a little.

Gameplay - Middle

Its a little later into the game and there's atleast 1 tier one tower down, this will push the enemy into grouping up and leaving some lanes empty. This is very good for an AFK pusher such as Nature's Prophet and Broodmother. Fights will become more common and this is when you will need to focus using your swap.

Nether Swap
This is potentially one of the more interesting skills in the game, Swaps your position with a target enemy or hero, goes through Magic Immunity.

    Saving Allies
To save your allies from getting chased down, you can swap locations with them, giving them a safer position. This works best when they are low hp and have already been targeted with stuns and nukes, making the get away easier for you too.

Really important situations you need to swap an ally from
Faceless Void Chronosphere
Enigma Blackhole
Naga Siren Net
Magnus Reverse Polarity

A good swap is the difference between winning and losing a teamfight.
Generally I go for euls or force staff (or both) to make offensive swaps, seperating the enemies main carry or caster for the team to quickly dispatch. The problem with offensive swapping is suddenly you've swapped into an enemy mob, and they are not happy. With eul's sceptre of divinity you can delay your death leaving the enemy confused for your own team to quickly jump on them. With Force Staff, escaping is a bit hit and miss but its alot easier.

Gameplay - Late

Late game you should be in the lead with kills and overall XP/GPM, However it's time for your carry to shine, keep them alive at all costs. If you bought meka, make sure they get the heal. The most important part is selflessly sacrificing yourself if you know it will save your carry.

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