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Support Rock Tree ¡¬¬! Rootsª

June 17, 2012 by Jamon
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Support & Tank

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

8 15 18

Leech Seed

1 12 14 17

Living Armor

2 3 5 7


6 11 16


4 9 10 13


Hi guys, this is a fast and simple but effective guide about Treant, very progressive because you will pass from supportting to tank, being able to develop several complex task even playing safe without be bored and well, you can be very dangerous in mid-late game.

Please, read it and comment if you like or not and why.
I hope you enjoy the game, bb.


You will support in early game, overcoming the enemy team with you life reg advantage and letting your mate farming and damaging litle by litle to the enemy team. Stay all you can and your lane, use the curier and get all the exp you can.


In addition, you will be able to survive more, towe dive and perform secure kills with your ult R. Stay all you can in lanes to get exp and keep supporting the most of time.


You are able to resist a lot of damage and make different complex task across the map with your mates. You are done and can tank nicely, among keep playing sake and take some risk to perform your R to win a full teamfight.



Taking Headdres you will perform a pretty life regeneration in addicion more armor. What is more, your E skill will grant you and your teanmate a safe early game. It will not be neccesary to back base because of your life, so you only will lack mana. Howeber, trent dont need spawn skills, you must used him like a "1 skill, 1 kill". This will be truth when you reach lvl 6, but if you mate is skilled and you are compenetrated you will be able to perform early kills just with your W skill.

Realize that your enemies will not have your super life regeneration so, damage him, keep trying and when they are 60%-70% take them.

You are supposed to buy a curier so (if not, ignore this), buy it, then make your Harddres, take some mana potions some times and keep in your lane taking exp.

NOTE: if you decide to take wards, you will lack money, so you will have to ignore take mana potions and farm some minions.


You did your early support functions very well. It is time to give your more survive time (remember that in level 8 you will raise Q). Talking about items, you will take a shield. Now you can to overcome minions attacks and can tower diver or just destroy being some time damagin turret while you are being damaged.

In addition, boot will give your velocity and tranquil boots, more regenerarion and life recorvery, perfect after tanking minions or tower and to keep in lanes.

Now you are almost on top of exp players. Realize that you will not get money from minions because you mate is farming, thats why this build is simple but effective.

At this time you keep supportting more than tanking, but your survive probabilities and standing in lanes has been improved. You will keep lacking mana, take some potions if you need.


You support build is done. Take your vanguard to be dangerous tank who can tower dive and take all the enemies with your ult R. Supportting, tanking and pushing will be task that you can develop at the same time. Keep with your mates and keep tanking some mana motions if you lack (you have more levels and some stats raised, so this lack should be disappearing).


OK, you will not lack mana more if you did it and you will have even more life to develop a full tanking task. You have a nice life, mana, life regeneration and skills to scape, support and tank/kill (R).


Bloodstone will be likely the last of your items. Then you can start making Heart of Tarrasque but you are done yet and your party won :)


W -> Leech Seed: You will get this early to recorvery life to your mate and you and to help to perform a possible kill. Use it cleverly. You dont need to improve it until mid game bcause you dont need to do more damage with it yet and your life regeneration is enought. You want it because the slow capacity.

R -> Overgrowth: Your ulti and main capacity. It has to be a secured kill or several kills.

Q -> Nature's Guise: You are supporting with your mate in lane, so you dont need being invisible neither gank, so you will take this skill in mid game, to survive, scape and perform a more complex game pushing lanes and surprising enemies in jungle with your mate. You can stay in jungle like a spy while your mate is taking the enemy tower.

E -> Living Armor: Very important early skill supporting. Very important at the begin to make difference between your team and the enemy. They wont be able to hold your ad mate attack, but your will be able.

Read the ITEMS GUIDE to get more information that complement this section, but this is the core information.

Skills Video Demostration

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