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Support Morphling (No Really)

October 16, 2012 by Sp12
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DotA2 Hero: Morphling

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Adaptive Strike (Agility)

4 8 9 10

Adaptive Strike (Strength)

4 8 9 10

Attribute Shift (Agility)

2 12 13 14

Attribute Shift (Strength)

2 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Support Morphling (No Really)

October 16, 2012

Support Morph

Morphling is one of the most versatile and devastating carries in this version of dota, with rapid farming, multipush, mobility, escape, and DPS potential. However, morphling is also a very powerful support hero, with a 325 damage AoE nuke/blink, 3s stun, massive HP pool with strength morph, and awesome steroid, anticarry, and mobility skill with replicate.

Plus, morphling has the ability to basically switch from hard support to one of the hardest carries in the game with an ethereal blade pickup.

Let's compare

With a Crystal Maiden.

You have an 80 damage 3x stun with 900 range on a 10 second cooldown
CM has a 3s, 210 damage semidisable with 500 range and 10s cooldown

You have a 1000 range 325 damage AoE nuke/blink/dodge on an 11s cooldown
Cm has a 700 range 250 damage AoE nuke on a 15s cooldown with a strong slow

You have thousands of HP
CM has a global mana regen

You have a global movement, carry-copying, chasing replicate
She has a channeled AoE

At level 25 she has 59 strength
At level 25 you have 69, plus whatever agility you want to morph in (all)

Maybe not a venomancer, shadow demon, or leshrac but pretty good no?

Item/skill justification

As always, we max our nuke at 7. I like picking adaptive strike during the roaming phase to give me a ministun to block channeling spells, but priority is on waveform. Your ulti is very valuable to create a meatsheild for pushing, copy of a carry for your own team, or as a TP to minimize time wasted walking/as an escape. You will be walking around with pretty much full strength morph, making you very hard to burst/catch out, especially since you have waveform and the ability to morph to your replicate. You do everything a crystal maiden does but better.

Armor items are important to maximize your giant health pool, and tranquil boots are great for that as well as movespeed. You don't need more than 1/2 points in morph early to get your HP maxed. A fast mek provides you with great pushing and utility for your team while also helping with your armor problem.


You have a 3s stun and giant nuke on very short cooldowns. It should be very easy for you to set up ganks early. You are also pretty farm independent as you won't be rightclicking for much. Blink or waveform adaptive strike initiation is very good. Waveform and agility morph make you capable of jungling very well compared to most other supports, so you can bring in additional gold to your team.

If at any point you start getting a major farm advantage, which is very possible giving how good waveform/replicate is for flash farming, it is super easy for you to switch into a carrying mode.

As always if you questions/comments/criticisms post them. I'm sure I'll get some interesting responses at this suggestion, but really: I urge you to try it -- not only is it fun but very effective.

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