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Stranger Danger

December 22, 2014 by anermik
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DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

4 8 15

Leech Seed

2 9 11

Living Armor

1 3 5 7 10 14




12 13 16 17 18

Introduction (first guide)

Treant Protector, a very tanky hero with the highest base damage in the game, and with the ability to ward/trap every tree in the game (given a scepter and time). This Build focuses on using his new ability (eyes in the forest) which basically give treant the ability to ward a tree every 25 seconds, giving him decent vision and a trapping ability. This trapping ability works as follows: if any enemy stand near a warded tree when treant uses his ult, they get stunned for the ult duration and take a good amount of DPS (global).

This, I discovered, can be used in farming. by the time you have the sceptor the wards' damage is enough to kill any lane creep and most jungle creeps. SO, if you get the scepter early and ward all the jungle spots and the lanes you can make 200g-500g every time you use your ult (PER MINUTE when ult is fully leveled).

And also, the wards are permanent, and remain after ult use. however they CAN be cut down. (enemies cant see wards without true sight)

Early game build explanation

I haven't seen anyone use a soul ring and tranquil boots combo, and Im puzzled as to why, boots give you great regeneration while the ring guarantees you never run out of mana (at a cost of some health). And of course the boots compensate for the health loss, and also most importantly the boots stop you from using your 'living armor' ability on yourself so that you can spend more of it saving your allies.
To me atleast, its better and cheaper than getting mana boots and a vanguard. Although mana boots are not to be underestimated.

Pros /Cons

- Global healing and armoring ability saves many deaths if used right
- Very durable
- (scepter) Full map vision is invaluable
- Invisibility ability is great for escapes and ganks (can cast on others)
- Very high base damage, hes very dangerous to lane against early game.

- relatively low DPS
- Difficult to lane if against ranged.
- mana regeneration is not ideal (soul ring fixes that though)
- requires a great amount of map awareness!

PS: been using this build just recently , win to lose ratio is 2:1 so far.

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