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speedy Wisp

May 7, 2018 by asci
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supporting a fast "jumping" carry Partner

DotA2 Hero: Io

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Laning Items

Core items

situational Items

Hero Skills


1 13 14 16


2 3 5 7


4 8 9 11


6 12


10 15 17 18

Hero Talents

Attacks Tether Ally's Target
-30s Relocate Cooldown
+150 Gold/Min
Tether Grants Scepter Bonus
+8 Health Regen
+75 Spirits Damage
+25% XP
+45 Damage


Hi, my name is asci, this guide is a support Guide valid for all carries who like full health and mana and can move fast or have blink, like PA, Slark, Ursa or Legion Commander.

In many bot games i played wisp as all destroying Nemesis ganking anywhere on the map.
I still prefer to play him as a support, so this guide covers only that.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Hurrican Pike combined with attack teethered Ally and the Aghanims Scepter Talent and Partners like Alchemist, Drow, Sven + skills like relocate, teether and overcharge just mean that Io can seriously misuse synergies like no other Dota Hero, melt towers in seconds, attack teethered from far away while cycloned with HoT.
Its just so broken, you won't believe ...

Io now MUST be banned in pro get it while it lasts :)

Ranked Play

This Guide is not for Pros, this is what is working for me during many public Wisp Games with minimal Team Communication.
I explain the difference in the Talents section.
If u are new to Io and just want to try him out, this is the right Guide, for indepth try the 1000+ commended Guide.

Pros / Cons

-Can gank, scout and and safe all over the map while being a fountain for his partner.
-He is never useless, stays relevant trough the game.
-Relocate can be used in many ways.
-Can make your carry stronger.
-After Soulring he is already working fine
-since 7.07 the most broken combo Hero...Valve schould really fix this

-Very, very Squishy.
-Needs Mana and Health items right from start to be efficent.
-Needs very high Map awareness.
-Overload before Heart of Tarrasque is two sided and can get Wisp killed.
-He works best on a bilateral basis


One drastic example if u play with your own Team and pick Drow and Io...
Here u take of course the attack teethered Ally Talent and the Aghanims Scepter and the +60 damage Bonus.
Drow gets agha when teethered which makes her attack 3 Heroes at once.
Because of that Io attacks 3 Times also! With the same speed as drow.
Wisp gets damage from Drows aura and can increase boths attack speed with overcharge.
Seriously broken. Just throw Aegis, rapier, maelstrom, Euls and hurrican pike in and they are unkillable. Sick...

At level 10 you can get +400 Spirits Max Range or +60 Damage, Io tries to stay away from physical contact and doesn't need to dash out damage.
The higher max Range is quite nice.
You could detect ganks, pull Camps or last hit fleeing enemys.
Take as u like.

At level 15 you can either get Tether Grants Scepter Bonus or +90 Spirits Damage.
+90 Spirits Damage is nice, but the strenght of Spirits will soon fade away.
Wisp is there to serve his carry, so if that carry doesnt need to buy aghs and saves 1 slot the choice is easy.
Remember that he will only get this Talent from you while teethered.
Take the Tether Grants Scepter Bonus talent.
While i still stand with this choice, i know from trial and error that in Public Matches this just doesnt work.
By now i choose the extra damage and max Range, but if u play with friends try to pick other players who can use scepter Bonus... not only carries, also shadow shaman, teethered and relocated to an enemy tower schould love this talent.

At level 20 you can either get +150 Gold/Min or Attack Tethered Ally's Target.
Take the Money, you want to buy Heart of Tarrasque.
Exception is written above.

And finally at level 25 you can get by now extra +50 Health Regen or a Stun. You got Heart of Tarrasque.
Teether stun is best with CK, Tiny, PA, QoP... you get the as this Guide is made for them take the Stun.
If however u didnt manage HoT take the regen.


Starting items was never more difficult then with the new Soul Ring . You have to regen your carry, and the Gauntlets are no use for that.
So by now you will have to buy consumables like tango and mango.
Im still not happy with wasting 320 Gold on consumables, sage mask was a much better investement.
If you know your laning partner you could skip Tango and get .

If in any way possible try to get the other Support to buy that Donkey and Wards , later after u finished your Soul Ring you start supporting.
Dont get bullied into buying wards and donkey, u feed everything 1.5 times to your carry, so you need your money at start. Period.
No one needs a Crystal Maiden with items, but Io without Soulring asap is useless.
Until then your Spirits will be ward enough.

Boots of Speed are low Priority as im using mostly teether to move anyway.
I disagree with the standard Bottle for Io, it is still dangerous to go to rune spots alone, a soul ring gives constant health with mana burst for spamming Spirits all time.

Inform your Carry not to buy any health or mana regen items as u are the one who will take care of that (with teether you will regen 1.5 times more then what he could do with the same items, which adds to a proper extra 3 Hp + 75 % Mana regen for Soul ring alone).
Every consumable not bought by your Carry early game will help him in his item progession.


Better then boots... makes you move really fast...slow wirks well with Phantom Strike or other blinks, synergy with force-staff on your partner, as long as you teether before as soon as he is out of reach u will swish behind.
Regenerating health and mana for your carry (see above) as long as Wisp regenerates.
If you are tethered to an invis hero the other team will see that there is a teether but it will only lead to the last known place.
This is very useful if you play with slark.

Teether doesnt work into Black King Bar , so teether before your carry activates BKB.
If the enemy crosses the teether he will be slowed.
The Problem here is that Io stays behind his carry and uses his spirits.
The good thing with a blink hero is that in teamfights if PA blinks the slow will most times work.
Dont max early as the gains are not worth it (the 1.5 regen stays same).

It takes 4 seconds until all 5 Spirits are there.
Spirits are really strong early game if maxed first. The Bristle who later will laugh about you will be surprised how fast he died from spirits level 3.
You have balls and you want to use them :)
On creeps they dash out collison damage and the spirits live on, on heroes they explode with a higher explosion damage.
Bonus is that upon recast while active (possible from lvl 2) you trigger all 5 spirits to explode and deal at level four 5 times 100 = 500 damage as a nuke in a 300 radius.
Repeat (use Soul Ring ) and dish out 1000 damage over short time at level 11.
As teethered PA or QoP love to tower dive and will pull you behind just use this to make their work much shorter.
Soul Ring will make it possible to have Spirits nearly always active.
You can use Spirits to pull or stack all camps at the same time at second 53.
Mid game Spirits fall off and are used to scout for incoming ganks, late game i keep them constantly on while beeing teethered to the strongest Carry to find enemy Junglers or invisible Heroes (they will still explode on contact, so good luck sniper trying to sneak away).

The two sided coin. Since Dota 7 you have to skill this, so better get some good idea how Overload works.
This skill will lower your health and mana. If you got no soul ring you can use this to make sure you continually regen your ally by lowering yours below 100%.
The health loss is % based so it wont kill you.
This is another reason why a Dazzle as hard support is such a dream combo.
But health drains very fast so toggle it off before its too late.
One flare from Skywrath Mage will be your End. And he knows that.
Once you got Heart of Tarasque this will offset your health loss and you can leave it on for long stretches. This is why HoT is core.
Wisp and the teethered unit get attack speed bonus and at lvl 4 a nice 20% damage reduction.
Overload, Talents and Relocate is why Wisp stays relevant troughout the game.
Io is a fountain, a global TP and on top of that a % based damage modificator.
In short the wet dream of every hard carry.

Relocate works even on stunned heroes.
How to use your ulti to safe somewhere else on the map: relocate to somewhere safe around the chased ally, turn on spirits to confuse, on last second teether with ally.
Maybe help him with the Force Staff to stay alive until the time is ripe for the relocate.
If you want to safe your Carry just teether, double hit R and try to keep your carry alive until you both go to base, break teether so you wont take him back.
Look for nearby creeps to teether to upon coming back because the whole enemy team waits there eager to slaughter you...if u got a force staff or glimmer cape this might even work.
Good luck.
Hope that at the end of the game when you are 1:12 in kills the guys you saved dont report you for feeding.
If Wisps Ulti is up and no one on the map to gank go teethered to base for shopping, healing and getting a boost on coming back for both.
Hope your Carry is not stupid enough to leave the fountain while you are shopping.

Team Work

Io is ranged, so keep your distance, hug your tower, let spirits do the damage, always stay teethered if your Carry gets into contact (another reason not to go for runes). Deny creeps and spam Spirits until depleting your mana.
Use Soul Ring frequently, so u keep healing your Carry. If u dont heal he wont heal.

Stay in safe lane, but near the woods to detect incoming ganks with your Spirits.
Teether over Trees to get rid of them.
Your opposing team schould buy loads of tango's or stay out of XP range and start to hate you.
So always use your Spirits at max Distance.

From midgame ward a lot in the enemy Jungle. The more u see there the better and safer you can gank there with your ulti.
While fighting don't forget to make your Spirits smaller and explode them, use Soul Ring, and recast Spirits.
My favorite partners are carrys like PA who really benefit from the speed bonus from teether, from being at full health all the time and who dont need too much mana.
The ideal hard support schould be dazzle, together with Omni Knight and Io your PA schould never need to die and just snowball with the Rest of the Team running behind.
Try it :)

When Pushing high Ground don't forget to use glimmer cape, not on yourself but on your Carry of Course :).

Keep your carry moving, cleaning out the enemy Jungle while warding, gank with your Ulti.

Creeping / Jungling

With Spirits minimal Size at Lvl 4 go into the stacked Creep Camp and let the Spirits explode, repeat.
I don't like to do this.
Io schould never be alone, also you steal farm from your Carry.
Maybe if you play Io mid, but then this is the wrong guide.

Better: when following your Carry with Spirits at maximal size Creeps will leave their camp and come into view so your Carry can just jump from one to another and jungle really fast.

Friends & Foes

If there is a Lion in the other Team, dont lane against him.
He will be your Nemesis and have all the fun.
Also Silencer, QoP, Lina, Pudge, Mirana, Nightstalker und PA himself are Enemys you dont want to have in the other team.
Zeus with agha + refresher is really will need to get higher base HP before he instakills you from anywhere on the map.
Clinkz just one shots you, invis heroes will focus you anyway, spam spirits all the time to detect incoming ganks. Ward. Late Game you are the team *****, teleport, heal and protect your Team.

Sven, Windranger, CK, PA, Tiny, Juggernaut (healing ward), LC (heal) are Friends of Io, laning with CK or Tiny will make first kills very easy as they can make teether slow reliable and if tiny throws you you even stun :)

Open for Suggestions.
Happy about Comments.

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