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Speedy chaser Omni

November 18, 2011 by dirrwen
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Speedy chaser

DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

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Hammer Of Purity

Guardian Angel

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Speedy chaser Omni

November 18, 2011


This isn't gonna be a big, detailed guide, but rather a really short one- mainly just for the item build. This how I play Omni for lols :D You are still primarily a healbot in lane, but later in teamfights once you get your items, you become an aggressive, super speedy chaser still with enough mana for heals and repels. That's pretty much it, enjoy O_o

Note about item choices: if you get to super duper (DUPER) late game, you can get a Skadi, if you really just need more healing (o.O) you could get a Mekansm, and if the enemy has a LOT of magic damage you can rush a Pipe, since it isnt that useful late game anyway, and if you really need more mana you could get the Soul Ringearly

Note on skill order: if you expect to be in some noob first blood thing before creeps, skill Repel first, if not just go for the heal

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