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Sneaky Devil Rat Time-ish

January 7, 2016 by Mr. Kerdubekaesstan
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We're Goin' Sneaky

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

1 4 8 10

Leech Seed

5 12 13 14

Living Armor

2 3 7 9


6 11 16


15 17 18

Don't You Worry About -BLANK-, Let Me Worry About -BLANK-.

What ya wanna do is to kind of play like a support at first and if possible, use your carry to help get a first blood (because you can hide and just punch people with your high base damage).
If you manage to get the kill:
If here you can now start building your medallion then buy boots ASAP.

If you don't manage to get the kill:
Well if You're here, you are in a bit of a bind. either your carry died or you died and that means playing safe for a little bit longer. not too much of a problem unless they have a snow-balling *** clown. wait till lvl 2 or 3 then go farm up yourself a little but keep in mind, your carry may need you since you just ****ed up the lane a tiny bit.

When YOU feel ready:

Now you're ready for the S&Y. You buy the Medallion so it looks like you want to protect your carry by giving them armor (when you really want it for yourself till you buy your necro book). the rest of the build order is up to you. You can either rush the Deso so that you have the armor reduction on that sexy tower you fancy destroying or you can rush lvl 3 necro first and have some handy push power and also bypass the towers healing.

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