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Slarkbob Nightcrawler: An unconventional guide to Slark. Revamped.

September 20, 2013 by Targnil
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DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

3 8 9 10


2 4 5 7

Essence Shift

1 12 13 14

Shadow Dance

6 11 16


15 17 18

Slarkbob Nightcrawler: An unconventional guide to Slark. Revamped.

September 20, 2013


Credit to DotAVO.Ru, visit him on YouTube here
Hello all and Welcome to my unconventional guide to Slark. Slark can be a great pubstomping hero. With the ability to steal stats, and regenerate health quickly, Slark Is a great early game ganker, if given the chance, he can become a hard carry, but ganking early on should be the focus of any Slark player. In addition he has an ability that can purge debuffs, potentially dodging long stuns or slows. Plus his ultimate is the only invisibility that isn't broken by using abilities or attacking, and as an added bonus, his ultimate causes him to move quickly and regenerate quickly while outside of enemy vision, making him the best juker in the game.

This build is still highly
experimental! I am not
responsible for any losses!

Pros / Cons


Item Build

Starting Items

- Iron Branch No brainer.
- Stout Shield Tank, to be used in Vanguard.
- Tango Regen.
- Healing Salve More regen.

Early Items

- Boots of Speed Durr.
- Ring of Basilius Slark runs out of mana quickly due to his spammy abilities and small mana pool.
- Soul Ring more mana.


- Vanguard Makes you a super tank, allows you to dive towers.
- Arcane Boots Even more mana.
- Urn of Shadows Allows for easier ganking.

More in depth about certain items.

I have seen a lot of people bashing Vanguard because it doesn't scale well into late game, but then again, Slark is a semi carry, he isn't supposed to do too well later on, He is supposed to gank aggressively early on so that the enemy carries fall behind farm-wise. This build concentrates on getting inexpensive items early on so he can gank effectively early on. The luxury core section is for if you gank successfully enough early on to be able to be able to buy hard-carry like items.


Start off by going to the offlane. If you see an enemy hero that is low on health (especially their hard carry) attempt to gank him, but never go past their Second tower. Gank as often as possible, and gank aggressively, this is what Slark is all about. Once you have Vanguard you probably will be able to gank almost anyone on the map, so long as you can get to them without them noticing and they aren't a super farmed up hard carry, or Slark counter.

Friends and Foes


-Antimage/QoP, Blinks break Pounce's leash.
-Bloodseeker, True Sight of low health enemies: one dead Slark
-Invisibility of any kind, *pounce* *they turn invisible* Slark: "dammit"
-Wards, Slark, "I'll just sit here and regen for a moment. *doesn't regen*
-True Sight, Slark "ooh, i'm dying in this teamfight here, i'll just use Shadow Dance
and regen here a moment." *gets killed*
-Stuns, allows enemies to wait leash out without dying.


-True Sight, Useful for when they can turn invisible
-KotL, Slark is fairly mana dependant early game when ganking

Enemies that tremble in their boots upon hearing "Slark":

-BH, oh, you're being tracked *dark pact*
-Slardar, same as above
-Drow Ranger, Her ulti deactivates at the command "Slark"
-Huskar, he wastes his health on killing Slark, Slark ends up regening it all anyway
-Wards, Slark: "hmm, i'm not regening, i'll tell *insert support name here* that
there is a ward in this area
-Illusion heavy heros, Pounce doesn't hit illusions.

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