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April 26, 2024 by Paxbringer
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DotA2 Hero: Slardar

Hero Skills

Seaborn Sentinel (Innate)

Guardian Sprint


Slithereen Crush

1 3 5 9

Bash of the Deep

2 4 7 8

Corrosive Haze




Hero Talents

Corrosive Haze Undispellable
-3s Slithereen Crush Cooldown
-3 Corosive Haze Armor
+125 Slithereen Crush Damage
+40 Bash Damage
+275 Health
-2s Guardian Sprint Cooldown
+0.2s Slithereen Crush Stun Duration


April 26, 2024

Welcome to my Slardar Guide.

Hello Guys, Welcome to my first Guide ever.

I´m here to show my brother the Power of the Deeps.

Soooo why i make this Guide? The Answer to this in sunken somewhere. but that´s another capital.

Why Slardar? well you can 1v9 with this guy/thing in the Offlane if you get farm.

And here is how! Just follow the build you see on here.

At lvl 1 you want to farm and last-hit with your on-hit stun because you can contest the enemy farm easily with it if you don't get poked too much. As soon as you have 2 bracers you don't take a lot of dmg anymore and even Regen most of it, which allows you to farm your phase-boots early so you can skip maxing your Sprint.

now go for an echo sabre and MoM to Farm everywhere to farm your AC and Dagger
What you buy here depends on how good you farmed. Dagger is realy good AC allows for easy turrets and Fast solo Tormentors due to The great Synergy with your R

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