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Semi-Carry Queen of Pain (QoP) Build

October 6, 2012 by Silentdoom
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Mid Solo

DotA2 Hero: Queen of Pain

Hero Skills

Shadow Strike

1 9 13 14


2 7 10 12

Scream of Pain

3 4 5 8

Sonic Wave

6 11 16


15 17 18

Semi-Carry Queen of Pain (QoP) Build

October 6, 2012

My QoP Guide - Introduction

***Please note this is a work in progress***

Hey guys, this is my first guide, so don't bash so hard on it. Criticism is accepted. QoP is one of my favourite heroes and is just such a good hero early and late. From damage to mobility, queen of pain can take out an enemy 1v1 or an entire team.


Queen of pain has 4 great skills that are all very good.

Skill #1:
Shadow Strike
Shadow Strike is an effective skill early on in the game, but does not need to be levelled high. If you look at the Skill Sequence, its not levelled until everything else is. It is mainly used at a slow and a small dps which actually does a lot with a couple of auto attacks. If you follow the build, you will deal enough damage with scream of pain

Skill #2
Blink is a simple, but amazing spell. No need for a force staff or blink dagger. Blink is great because you can chase and escape with it. You should usually start off with a blink in and scream, then shadow strike. This will do a lot of damage and force a salve. You should always carry a tp scroll so you can blink in odd areas and tp out.

Skill #3
Scream of Pain
Scream of pain is definantly the best out of the first three skills, in my opinion. It has massive damage as well as a big radius for aoe damage. Its very most of your damage comes out, until you get your ult. This skill maxed, is just as good as your first level of the ultimate.

Skill #4
Sonic Wave
Sonic Wave is a great ult, but even better with scepter. Scepter is not a key item I get, but it always seems to come out on the game that go on for 60 minutes. It has good distance, but is does not hit 360 like Scream of Pain does. Sonic Wave maxed does good damage and is very effective late game.

Pros / Cons

- High Damage (spell)
- Great hero early game
- Good hero late game (depending on start)
- Very mobile
- Can chase and escape easily

- Can die very fast
- Useless when silenced
- Requires good positioning
- If early game falls apart, its hard to come back late
- No hard disable

How To Win Early Game

Your best option with Queen of Pain is to go solo mid. If you cannot, roaming is your next best option. Following the skill sequence, you should pick up Shadow Strike first. You should harass with this skill as it was low mana costs at level 1. Once you have the high ground and the fog of war, toss one at the enemy and add a few auto attacks. It will force them to tango or salve. If you keep doing this till level 5, you will have level 3 Scream of Pain and you could now rush the enemy. You should also have a bottle at this time. Open with a Shadow Strike then Blink to the target and use Scream of Pain. Add auto-attacks and they will probably die (depending on the hero). You could have drawn first blood and then go check runes. This would be a good time to gank. You would have your ult and the bottle will give you some mana regen. Starting ganking (without dieing) and eventually come back to farm. Once your victim comes back, harass em again and then rush em. Now you have your ult and once you hit your ult, you will see they health decimate.

If you keep doing this, as well as ganking and helping your team push, you should win the early game and once you have, you can win the late game because of the money + items you have.


Items are very important on Queen of Pain. More so late game than early game.

Of the bat, you want to start with
Healing Salve
and either
1 mantle, 2 branch.
2 mantle, 1 branch.
3 branch.

If you go 3 branches, you will have a lot more money left for bottle (which you can bring with courier).

After a couple creep waves, you should have bottle and maybe boots. Drawing first blood is something you really want on QoP. you should be getting
*Optional*[Null Talisman
and either of these 2 boots:
Power Treads (Int)
Arcane Boots

Next you should be going for items that go to your late game items. These are the items you should be most likely to get at this point.

Ultimate Orb
Point Booster
Staff of Wizardry

Ultimate Orb builds into:
- Scythe of Vyse
- Linken's Sphere
- Eye of Skadi

Point Booster builds into
- Aghanim's Scepter
- Soul Booster
- Bloodstone

Perseverance builds into
- Linken's Sphere
- Bloodstone

You can buy items the help you early and then later build them into the larger late game items which is great.

Bad Start?

Like stated before, if you so bad on the starting game, it is very hard to get back to the later game. Depending on how bad you do, you should change your gameplay and item choice. If you are doing just total garbage, then you should just switch to support QoP. Support QoP isn't the best, but she can ward very well and also apply some good slows with shadow strike. For support you should be buying Observer Ward, Sentry Ward and if you are doing a bit more than support, you should be getting the following items.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Rod of Atos

or even:
Heaven's Halberd

Final Comments

Overall, Queen of Pain is an amazing hero that is used less than she should be. She can play many roles and is very mobile. Following this guide will help you with your gameplay, although if you don't like anything you can obviously change anything you want.

For new updates, I will create another "chapter" called "Build Changelog" and display all things I added to the build.

Thanks for coming this far through the build and i appreciate any and all feedback.

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