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Raigor, Shaking things up!

November 15, 2011 by PotatisFarfar
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Mister i need a shave.

DotA2 Hero: Earthshaker

Hero Skills

Aftershock (Innate)


1 3 5 7

Enchant Totem

4 12 13 14

Echo Slam

6 11 16


15 17 18



Yeah i am lazy, but i wanted to give this a try. I have not gotten into the Dota2 beta. So this is purely based around HoN. But they are pretty much 100% Equal. So why not right?

This is allot based on my Behemoth guide over at the HoN website, with some changes to fit into Dota. So don't be hatin, only trying to see how this turns out ;).

So if you see any translation i missed or was wrong about, please let me know :).


Let me welcome you to my little mini guide to Earthshaker. lets start!

Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.

Mouse-over any items or abilities to see their tooltip.

Skilling sequence

Skill priority:

Echo Slam > Fissure > Aftershock > Enchant Totem


Pretty simple, We wanna max out our AOE damage, and this is the best way to do it.

We wanna have atleast one point in Enchant Totem before level 6, we do this so we can proc aftershock.

Your kit (abilities) and how to use it


Your bread and butter skill, this is the skill that shows how good of a Earthshaker player you are. A good fissure can secure a kill, do some insane early level ganks, and even make a 5v5 to an 5v3.

But on the flip side this team can screw your own team over as much as it can screw the enemy team. So practice this skill allot!

Tips and tricks:
  • Try to lead the target with this spell, it have quite the long casting animation and more often than not you will find your fissure block your ally chasing instead of the enemy.
  • The skill does quite allot of damage if used with Aftershock, if the enemy gets close to you, don't hesitate to bring down the pain on him!
  • If the enemy is pushing and you need to buy some time, just but a fissure to block the lane and watch the enemy watch hopeless as there minions run around the map.

Enchant Totem

This is the Enchant Totem, the skill you use when you need that extra stun! And late game it turns into a quite nice damage steroid.
Tips and tricks:
  • Try to use this as your opening move when you gank single targets with portal key, The short cooldown will let you be able to cast it twice if they don't die right away.
  • Don't underestimate the damage bonus, it is a quite a nice steroid that no one really expects, use this to your advantage!


Your wonderful little spell that makes Earthshaker into a stunlocking machine. It's the spell that makes you wanna get close and personal so you will be able to literary stomp on the enemy.

Tips and tricks

  • Don't cast all your spells at once, try to time them so you get the most out of this spell.
  • Remember that the range of this spell is fairly low, you most go up to there faces and stomp em!


    This is your ultimate and this is you annihilation skill. It have a huge AoE and it does more damage the more units is in it! It is possibly to one shot people with this spell if they stand around the necessary number of units.
    Tips and tricks:
    • Probably one of the most devastating ultimates in the game. Remember the more units there are, the more damage you will do, couple this with the near instant cast speed, this is the spell you wanna open up with.
    • If skirmishing in the jungle, remember that jungle creeps still exist, if you stack some creep camps, you could set up a devastating trap.
    • The nuke without any extra targets is not to shabby on it's own, don't be afraid to use it on only one or more targets to get a early kill.

Starting items

When you start you wanna ask your self.

"Is my ally getting a Ring of Basilius?" and if you go to hard lane: "Do we got wards"

If you go easy lane, you wanna get a Ring of Basilius, this item is just so amazing, it gives you and your lane mate the mana sustain you will need. Some nice damage and armor to be competitive on the last hits.

Remember to have the aura set to "Heroes only", if not, you will push the lane because the extra armor to creeps. But a nice little trick you can do to **** with your enemies is to turn on the ring for creeps just as the enemy is about to last hit, this will some times make the enemy fail the last hit.

So if you are gonna get Ring of Basilius, Look at the build.

And if you need wards for hard lane. Look at the build

If your team mate already building a ring? Good for you, now either buy or upgrade Currier.

Core items

Earthshaker need one item, and one item only.


But the road to get there will be hard, placing fissure's will be hard, mana will be hard, getting in range with ult will be hard, your life will be really hard without it.

But before we get it, we will need some items to help us. and these items are.

Arcane Boots:

The boots of choice, gives you and your team a nice boost of mana, will let you roam around and help other lanes also. And there is not really any other choice of boots that would fit better now is it? ;).

Magic Wand:

In my opinion one of the best items in game, it saves lives and it ends them. You need that extra boost of health or mana to either kill or survive? Magic Wand will help you! And it builds out from the awesome Iron branches you start with!


So you got fed? Good for you, now you wanna get some penta/annihilation kills i guess? Ok let see if i can help you with that.

There are 4 items i wanna recommend:

Aghanim's Scepter:

It boosts your ultimate, what more is there to say? I guess the stats are a nice extra ;).

Shiva's Guard:

So you wanna see the lucky bastards that survived your combo suffer even more? Well then buy this little blue gem. it will allow you to put another step into your incredible combo! And it gives you some really nice stats.

Scythe of Vyse:

Ok, you wanna disable that one little anoying bastard a little bit more, and you want some more mana regen, and you want some more stats. What are you waiting for? Save up for this fabulous item!

Refresher Orb:

Ok, you really want that Pentakill/annihilation. But you never seem to get it? Guess you gotta try double as hard! But really, i would recommend getting at least Shiva's Guard before getting this bad boy.

Basic combo

(Gank) Without portal key:

Fissure -> Enchant Totem -> Auto attack

(Gank) With portal key:

Blink -> Enchant Totem -> auto attack -> Fissure -> auto attack

(Teamfight) Without portal key:

Find highest threat/ clumped up enemies -> Echo Slam -> Enchant Totem -> Fissure -> auto attack

(Teamfight) With portal key:

Find clumped up enemies -> Blink -> Echo Slam -> Fissure -> Enchant Totem -> Shiva's Guard/ auto attack

Closing statements

Just a quick Build / mini guide i threw together for the site.

Hope you enjoy it. ;)


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