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Pudgin' N' Killin'

November 21, 2012 by Slamin N Jamin
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Build 1
Build 2

Jiggling Killer

DotA2 Hero: Pudge

Purchase Order

Startingish (2tangos/tango salve/tango)

Gauntlets of Strength
Gauntlets of Strength
Iron Branch
Healing Salve


Tranquil Boots
Urn of Shadows

Slightly after Earlyish to Middish



Shadow Blade

A little Laterish

Vladmir's Offering
Sange and Yasha


Force Staff
Assault Cuirass
Pipe of Insight
Aghanim's Scepter
Observer Ward
Smoke of Deceit

Hero Skills

Meat Hook

2 3 5 7


1 4 8 9

Flesh Heap

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

The Introduction

"Once upon a time in the magical land of Germany. A redneck, failed Elvis impersonator stalks the good heroes of DotaLand. His only goal torape Lifestealeracquire hoes for his fabulous crib. To do this he wears the skin of his victims as a disguise, spends his spare time practising for the Fishing Olympics and knocks out everyone in the current room with a gargantuan fart. Nobody is safe from such a smelly monstrosity, especially one with a voracious hunger for giblets!"

Science says that if you make a guide entertaining on the introduction users are 87.88% more likely to read the rest. I don't know who Science is, but Science cantake a hike to the nearest shallow puddle and flail onto it face first until they drownhave my sincerest thanks.

In order to view this guide to the maximum potential you will need to get yourself some fitting music while you read.
Now without further ado I present to you my guide on how to cook the perfect jiggling fatty!

Asian Pros / Nublet Cons

*As Tanky as an ice cream truck
*His hook makes ganking a good job mate!
*Rewarding to play like Indian Jones
*Eats VEAKLINGS! faster than you can say "That was easy"
*Useful all stages of the pubgame
*Only us pros can use him well (Maybe you)
*Stylish Hair

*Starts as slow as an ice cream truck
*Only way of escape is running like a *****
*Only us pros can use him well (AKA can feed like a hoe (Maybe you too))
*Really really smelly

Sayian Skills

Meat Hook
The skill that leaves you ******ing when it hits and an enemy wetting their training diapers. This is your signature move and one you will need to become a ASIAN PRO BAWS with.

Make note that it deals PURE damage meaning it does not care how much magic resistance your puny prey puts onto their flimsy forms, it is also a stubborn damage type because you cannot increase its damage like you can MAGICAL damage.
Meat Hook can also be used to pull your incompetent hoes(Allies) to you in case they get ganked, chased and/or disabled (Like the true nublets they are.)
It has a built in mini stun when hooking an enemy so you can cancel channelling abilities and portal scrolls with this. Also since the mini stun doesn't affect your allies you can still hook that ally Enigma when he Black Hole's and not be raged at.

Dear Zeus! Hit the shower or at least put some deodorant on! Rot as horrid and smelly as it is still somehow aids you greatly in eliminating enemies with both its MAGICAL damage and slow. However it will also deal damage to you because nobody is safe from the stench! Not even RotNoseless Void can avoid it!

Note Rot deals damage per tick to your enemy and yourself at different times, toggling this on and off quickly will deal more damage to your foes and less to yourself. You can also use the toggling when running away to slow enemies and keep the damage to a minimum.
Up to level 3 you can use a Healing Salve while Rot is on without removing the heal.
You can deny yourself with this skill!

Flesh Heap
For some reason you like to dress yourself in the enemies skin. Even weirder is this gives you some bonus magic resist. It also adds Strength for each foe you either kill or die in a small area around you which in turn give you more health, health regen and attack damage!

Take note that this ability is retroactive! Meaning it will gain charges even if you haven't put a single skill point into it, when you do put points in the Strength gain will be given to you!
The extra magic resist also stacks with magic resistance from items!

Oh my! We can't have your target fighting back or fleeing can we? Dismember will hold down your target within the area of Rot, plus dealing some extra MAGICAL damage as icing on the cake.

Please note you can upgrade his ultmate with Aghanim's Scepter.
This is a channelling ability, meaning stuns can cancel it.
You can activate Shadow Blade without cancelling Dismember! Rot can also be toggled on and off during channelling.

The Lethal Wombo Combo!

Every players needs to know Fat N' Smelly's combo before they can play a single game with him! So I've put it into a some simple steps so you can use it easily!

  1. Find an enemy
  2. Meat Hook them towards you
  3. Toggle Rot on just before they get to you
  4. Use Dismember on them
  5. Wait till dead
  6. If not yet dead keep Roting on them while getting your auto-attacks in.
  7. Find another meat bag!

Of course sometimes you don't need to hook, you can just sneak up right behind them and Rot into a Dismember, thus keeping your hook ready in case they somehow manage get out of Rot.

But let me tell you a little secret you can do with Shadow Blade.

If you use Rot into Dismember and then activate Shadow Blade you will become invisible while channelling! Plus both your Rot and Dismember will still do the damage and disable meaning the only way someone can stop you is using an item/ability to see you! Luckily in pubs most people aren't smart enough to buy Dust of Appearance or Sentry Ward so you should be able to get away with it easily! As an added bonus once the channeling is over you can use a single auto-attack for an 150 extra PHYSICAL damage! Coolio right!?
But please keep in mind that Towers have truesight so don't do this while under one *sigh.

More to come!

This guide is kinda incomplete, but the basics are there so you should know a little bit about what to do!

Stay tuned as we go through Items, Friends and Foes, Strategies and some Extra tips for playing as the Cuddly N' Chubby Pudge! Only in the next episode of; OMG BANANAZ!!!111

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