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Pubstomp Treant Protector Guide (GANKER)

December 11, 2013 by fowbo999
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Not a support build

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

3 12 13 14

Leech Seed

1 4 7 8

Living Armor

2 5 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Pubstomp Treant Protector Guide (GANKER)

December 11, 2013

Not Your Basic Treant Guide

Ok so I've adopted this way of playing treant as I have found he is an excellent ganker and of-coarse a supporter but this guide basically throws the support out the window and gives you an excellent ability to gank easily.

I have played treant quite a bit and at first I found he was quite underpowered, I played with my build, going very far away from your normal treant support build and have found a way to create an excellent ganker early game and he is also devastating late game.

This guide will almost certainly not work well in tournaments. This is a pure pub match, I've got hundreds of hours in DOTA now and this build I find works quite well.


Pros & Cons


-Escape that can be used on yourself and on team-mates
-Powerful nuke that heals yourself and team-mates
-Can heal globally
-Can heal towers
-One of the best for starting Str
-Str scales very well
-One of the best ulti's in teamfights


-Slow attack speed
-Living armor doesnt scale well
-Somewhat underpowered in some areas
-Natures guise can be a bit difficult to use effectively
-Often targeted first in teamfights
-Very item relient

Early Game

First off you have one of the highest starting str's in the game, so you should be able to rock pretty much any hero early on if you play your cards right.

Play offensively, I found that sitting back trying to farm as treant was a big no-no and a huge waste. You want to jump on that gank IMMEDIATELY, at lvl 1, you will find you can pulverize enemy hero's very easily with your high dmg output and high health. USE THAT NUKE, it does more dmg then you think early-mid game and gives you and your allies health. First thing to buy will be either boots or a morbid mask. It seems like a unlikely choice but trust me, get your hands on a mask of madness in the first 10 minutes and you've got your lane completely under control.

Why Mask of Madness? Because treant has a HUGE dmg output early game (it may even be the highest) other then the fact his attack speed sucks and he just doesnt hit fast enough. Throw on a mask of madness along with living armour, and you have a definite kill with minimal dmg taken in return. I just got out of a match after rocking the lane with mask of madness. Theres not much you can do to counter it. Only put 1 point in natures guise incase you really need to escape but other then that max leech seed first, its a fairly good nuke and it heals you and your team.

Spam that leech seed and hit-em-up with mask of madness and you will see just how much lane control you've got.

You wont be buying arcane boots. They are a viable option and I would say your average treant should buy them, however this guide is 0 support and 100% ganking and arcane boots arn't going to serve as much of a purpose here. Instead grab yourself a soul ring as treant has mana problems early-mid game and you NEED that nuke, aswell as living armor to repair your towers. DONT FORGET YOUR THE ONLY HERO IN THE GAME THAT CAN HEAL TOWERS.


Ok so you have your mask of madness and you've got it all under control.

You want your next item to be power treads, not only will it buff your str even more then it already is, but it is going to give you your +30 attack speed and remove all attack speed problems you may have when MOM isn't active.

Next grab a pipe of insight....this guide isn't about supporting but its cheap and truly it really seems ment to be for treant. Treant is big in teamfights and a proper pipe along with your ulti can be game changing.

Now your going to rush a deadalus as fast as possible.

Now you have a powerful nuke (leech seed) super fast attack speed with Mask of Madness active, and +81 dmg + 240% critical dmg that will crush opponents in a giffy. This really seems unethical and completely off for a treant build but I'm finding an opponent will melt in SECONDS with that mask of madness active combined with the high dmg output of deadalus.

It's ridiculous. Treant is ment to be played as a support who holds his own with dmg output with his ridiculously high strength. Trade that to be played as a full on ganker and effectively double or even quadruple his dmg output with a deadalus and buff his attack speed to the maximum with a mask, and you have yourself an unstoppable force. The mask of madness debuff causing you to take more dmg doesn't matter as much if you combine it with living armor.

You have a soul ring so if you have mana problems you can always spam a last leech seed or wisp off with natures guise if your in trouble. Enemies wont be able to escape with MOM and if you do, use your ulti as an anti-escape tool. Works fancy.

Late Game

If you've made it this far, grab yourself a HoT and you are now COMPLETELY indestructable.

Think about what you doing here.

Your taking a hero with possibility the most str in the game, and your giving him the highest dmg output you could possibly ask, combined with one of the tankiest items available.

At this point your going to have such a huge health supply and so much dmg, that no ones gonna be able to 1v1 you and in teamfights, you've got complete control of the situation with a pipe of insight and an ulti that will leave the enemy team helpless.

You will dominate in teamfights and the enemy team will crumble, nomatter how many buzzsaws timbersaw throws at you, you wont be going down.

Just Leech-Seed, Mask of Madness, and finish em off 1 by 1.


-Giving one of the highest str heros in the game, more dmg, more health, and super-fast attack speed is a good idea

-Mask of Madness should be on everyones item list for treant

-Living armor repairs towers, wowzers

-Your going to disagree with the items in this guide, until you try it

-Treant offers protection in the form of pipe of insight.

-It sucks getting hit by a tree

-This guide is extremely straight-forward, not as detailed and as pretty as other guides, but I just had to share the wonders that mask of madness brings to treant protector

-HoT is like the ultimate buff to any str hero

-You probably wont get very far with this guide in any serious high level games

-You need farm to use this guide. Don't have it? Use a different guide (but still buy mask of madness)

-If your the only support on your team, don't use this guide, or atleast get arcane boots, drums, and a mec before you get deadalus.

-Alchemist can probably still woop you. Hes more tanky and has faster attack speed no-matter how hard you try. Stay away, those cleavers turned out to be for trees.


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