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Pubster's guide to Warlock, The Grand Magus.

July 27, 2013 by darkstrolm
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Baest Build

DotA2 Hero: Warlock

Purchase Order

Start Game

Animal Courier
Healing Salve
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

Early Game

Sage's Mask
Sage's Mask
Sage's Mask
Sage's Mask
Ring of Regen
Boots of Speed

Mid Game

Tranquil Boots

Late Game

Hood of Defiance
Aghanim's Scepter

Party Time

Refresher Orb

Hero Skills

Fatal Bonds

2 4 8 9

Shadow Word

1 3 5 7


17 18

Chaotic Offering

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15

Pubster's guide to Warlock, The Grand Magus.

July 27, 2013


Warlock is awesome. This guide is made in mind that youre playing a pub. Read on.


Fatal Bonds: It shares 20% damage to shared units. At max level, if you manage to link 4 creeps (one lane) to some hero, you do [(550*3 + 300) * 0.2] = 390 damage. While Fatal Bonded avoid hitting the enemy hero. This makes fatal bond damage the creeps, which in turn nullifies the damage. This is the biggest mistake noobs make. You should not be doing this. Unless the enemy looks like he's about to die, DONT right click him.

Shadow Word: Fancy spell that heals allies and deals damage to enemies. At max level, you do 9*45 = 405 damage, no questions asked. Spam this a lot. This is your bread and butter.

Upheaval: Nope. Dont level this until after you get level 16 ult. Too risky doing this before that. Basically, after you are level 16 with full ultimate abilities, use this after using your ultimate. This should slow down the enemies and make it easier for your golems to murder them.

Chaotic Offering: Bwahahah. This is the spell that makes Warlock dreaded in pub matches. This gives you a giant golems that attacks thins. It also has fire damage so enemies get damage for being near it. Use it BEHIND the enemy. So, when they want to run away, they have to run away from next to the golem. HELLOOOooo fire damage!


The correct order of usage of these spells in a BIG teamfight is:

1. Ultimate (obviously)
2. Fatal Bonds (good for bursting down supports when their carry is taking golem damage)
3. Shadow Word (pick whoever looks away from the fight. People who are far dont get damaged by your stuff. If not, heal an ally carry. This heal is so good)
4. Upheaval (If you must. Do this and just leave your hero alone. Go control them golems and wreck havoc)


Start Game: You should get a Tango and Healing Salve for regen. Get 3 branches because you need something to buy and get a courier because youre playing a pub.

Early Game: Since youre in one of the side lanes, put the Sage's Mask in the little black box that tells you whenever you have enough money for something. Just keep buying Sage's Mask. Sell your GG branches and get Mask's. 3 isnt even close to enough. YES the mana regen stacks. You need to spam spells. You dont need a shield. If youre doing especially good, get boots, but you dont really need them. ATLEAST have 4 masks. 1 empty space for TPs.

Mid/Late Game: Get Tranquil boots. You need the speed and HP regen. Replace two of the Sage's mask with a Void Stone. This is because you will need to sell them to empty slots and you dont want your regen to go down. Void Stone = 2 Sage's Mask, basically. DONT ever keep a slot other than for TPs empty. Always have Sage's Masks in them.

Get a Health Ring thingy and make a perseverance. You need to save slots. You can disassemble that to make a Hood of Defiance when you have enough money. Save them slots for more Sages Masks.

After getting Hood Of Defiance, start working on your Aghanims. Once done with that, get THE ORB. It's nice because you can build Oblivion Staff with the Sage's mask you bought.

If the game is looking good, you build should look something like:
Tranquil Boots, Aghanims Scepter, Hood Of Defiance, Teleport Scroll, Sage's Mask, Void Stone.

Early Game

3 Tangos and 1 Healing Salve is roughly 700 HP. That's all the damage you can afford to take early game. Don't be a hero. Stay at your tower and chill. Your time will come.

Try to right click as many creeps as possible but dont steal your carrys farm. Assuming you are with a carry. If you are not, go lane with one. You shouldn't be farming anyway.

Just spell spam all the time. If the enemy hero in lane isnt Shadow Worded or Fatal Bonded, youre doing something wrong.

Mid/Late Game

Do the same thing you did early game, only more. And get kills with your ultimate. Seriously, that is OP from level 6. Use it.

Your job is to basically show up at teamfights and use your spells. Dont get close. Placement is key here. You need your carry to take damage. You have to be alive to cast spells. You can although die after using R > Q > W. I find that dying makes me concentrate on using golems more. Dying is always an option once youre done with spells.


Chill > Teamfight > Die > Chill > Teamfight > Die. That's Warlock, basically.

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