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Pub stomping for the faint of heart :Tiny

July 7, 2012 by Ninten#252355
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


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Tree Grab

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Tree Throw

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Pub stomping for the faint of heart :Tiny

July 7, 2012

Pub stomping for the faint of heart: Tiny

Introduction: First I would like to thank you for reading my first guide.
Start: When I start I just buy the basic healing like tangos and a clarity for decent healing in case I take a few hits. No big deal. The reason for an animal courier is because it's nice to have one and a lot of the time every one is being greedy with the gold.
Early: As Tiny you want to for your energy booster as soon as possible for the extra mana so you can have your Ava-Toss ready for large sums of damage early game. As tiny I like going to flat lane IE: Top dire or bot Radiance.
People to lane with early game: Invoker is great early game with cold snap with a small stun lets you run up and stun them so you can get more damage on them for an easy first blood.
Earthshaker: Amazing to lane with once you have your blink dagger. He fissures you blink avalanche he blinks slams you toss if needed you already have your avalanche again if you want to finish the guy off. Easy enough.
Or any one else with a short-long range stun.
Who not to lane with:
People like dragon knight are terrible to lane with. His stun time is amazing sure but the range on his stun is terrible.
Who not to lane against: Any mage will screw you up by this I mean people like Zeus or Rubick. They can harass you slightly out of your avalanche's range so it gets pretty annoying setting you up to feed early game.
Mid and late game your blink is your best friend. By this I mean you blink up into a team fight and get off an Ava-Toss and their team is already at half health setting up a carry/nuker/semi carry to finish them off. Easy kills. Once you build your scepter you can pretty much take a tower in a short amount of time. If you have your heart by then you can tank them no problem.
In late game if a Riki bounty or someone that can go invisible is annoying you just pick up a gem since you're a tank they can't do much to you and it makes you a great gem holder. If you're pub stomping like you should be at this point just pick up a few hyper stones in the shop to screw around with and laugh at how he attacks at that point.

Still in progress. Suggestions welcomed.

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