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ProVoKer - Right Click Invoker

January 8, 2015 by Ferco
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills

Mastermind (Innate)


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ProVoKer - Right Click Invoker

January 8, 2015


Hi folks,

I'm Ferco and I normally play with the ProVoKers team [PVK]. The name of the team came out because of my very particular way of playing Invoker... My mates were constantly making fun of me because I would normally use 2 spells ( Cold Snap & Forge Spirit) ONLY, so they called me the 'ProVoKer'. But in time I proved this particular build to be very efficient and scalable for Late Game. Indeed, I just buy right click items to maximize damage, attack speed and armor reduction.

With this guide you'll learn how to build an easy to manage right click Invoker that will melt the bulkiest hard carries and structures in just 6 seconds!

Pros / Cons


-No need to memo all those invoker spells
-Good damage
-Good attack speed
-Good armor reduction
-We don't need mana.
-Powerful late game as opposed to traditional invoker
-Good ganking early, mid and late game
-Takes down towers and carries in seconds
-Cold Snap is a great disable
-Good entry level invoker guide, that will allow to eventually incorporate some other spells at your discretion


-Item dependent
-People will laugh at you when you buy Shadow Blade
-People will laugh at you 'why no SunStrike invoker?'
-People will laugh at you... until eventually they look at your kills :)


This build is based on two skills only, that will sinergize with each other and with our items. Here's the explanation:

Cold Snap

This is our main skill. When maximized, it'll mini stun the enemy at intervals during 6 seconds! It also deals an additional 49 damage per hit. Cooldown is 20secs.

The cast range is 1000, this means you can cast from a safe distance... but there is really no point in using this from outside our right click attack range, since the target does need to take hits for the mini stun to work. Sometimes if the foe is being chased by creeps, that can do the trick and allow us to get within range in the meantime.

Normally when we are facing a bulky carry, they'll try and come closer to hit us back. That's when they're trapped. The regularly triggered mini stuns during 6 seconds won't allow them to land a single hit on us. The closer they get, the more hits they take from our right click attack and the two forge spirits! So don't be afraid to get face to face with melee heroes. They'll get mini stun around 20 times in 6 seconds, that without counting hits from creeps or our teammates, but they'll normally be dead by then. I love to imagine the face of an Ursa or Axe when an Invoker melted them on a melee engage, going all 'WTF!'.

It is important to maximize Quas asap in order to get the Cold Snap full potential.

Forge Spirit

This is our second and last skill. We start with only 1 spirit, and won't get 2 until we reach 4 x Quas and 4 x Exort. It is important to follow the skill build above to get the 2 spirits ASAP. They'll help us getting the max number of stuns out of our Cold Snap.

Additionally, our two little friends will produce Melting Strike on our foe. This mean for each hit they land, the foe will loose 1 unit of armor. With a cap of 10 units, that means we can have their armor reduced up to 20 units! This is the math:

Armor Reduction per Attack: 1
Armor Reduction Cap: 10
Duration: 5

When maximized, each Forge Spirit will deal 83 damage per hit. They stay alive for 80seconds if nothing kills them earlier, and the cooldown is only 30sec, so we should have our spirits through the whole length of the game.

Sometimes, when you die, don't forget to micro manage your spirits to get some last hits or to help out finishing the team fights. I normally tend to forget they're still alive once I die...

The Spirits will also help you in the jungle and with ancient creeps. Just put them in front of you and do the job. You'll need the gold, so any idle time between pushes and fights try and get some farming done. You also can solo Roshan around level 14.

It is important to maximize Exort asap in order to get its full damage bonus.

Other skills

Of course... Invoker has a full set of awesome skills, and yes... sometimes I use them, but the point of this guide is to build something effective and original that diverts from the traditional invoker play style. My favorite ones are:
Sun Strike If well timed can give you easy kills.
Ice Wall A great escape mechanism.
Ghost Walk Sometimes on late game I sell Shadow Blade and replace for another luxury item that grants damage and/or attack speed like Radiance or Butterfly.
Deafening Blast another lovely Stun that can help us getting out of trouble.


Starting Items

Initial items purpose is to give us all the mana we'll ever need on the early game as well as a decent amount of damage for harassing and last hitting.

I choose the Healing Salve over Tango because I use Quas for Health Regen, which allows me to stay longer in lane. If I get into really low Health then I just nom the salve.

Iron Branch'es, Circlet and Mantle of Intelligence will give damage and mana enough to sustain a few Cold Snap's and Forge Spirit's.

If you're going mid, make sure somebody else gets the Courier... as usual... I normally don't pay much attention to runes so I don't get a bottle, I just concentrate on the minimap and try to get as much farm as possible on early game. Also, you can easily take down the tower if you feel your mid foe has gone ganking in the meantime. Then I normally rotate until we get the first tier of towers.

Mid Game Items

Power Threads are my preferred boots since they sinergize with damage and attack speed.

After the boots, I normally get Shadow Blade. The reason is I wouldn't be able to cast Ghost Walk until level 16 according to our skill sequence, and this item also gives us our beloved damage and attack speed. It might sound crazy but it works well for me. Later on you can sell the blade if you want... and get a higher damage item.

Desolator is one of my favourite items in the game. It'll give us 60 damage and an armor reduction of 7 units during 15sec. Just what we need to work in conjunction with our little friends' Melting Strike's. I also think that Desolator's red flame looking attacks are very cool.

Late Game Items

Mjolnir crazy attack speed and more damage.
Monkey King Bar loads of damage and more attack speed. Ah! Yeah! Of course! Why is every single team I play against picking Phantom Assassin? Well... this item will help.
Assault Cuirass will give us our 20 attack speed and 5 armor reduction on a 900 radius.
Daedalus for absurd damage and a few extra crits.
Boots of Travel you can dispose of your Power Treads and get these ones for late game, very useful for split push and get racks in literally 10 seconds.
Radiance trade your Shadow Blade for this one if the game isn't yet over and practice with your Ghost Walk.


To summarize, I'd like to show you the approx numbers after you've fully built up the hero:

Attack Speed total 204:
-30 from Power Treads
-30 from Shadow Blade
-35 from Assault Cuirass
-15 from MKB
-80 from Mjolnir
-14 from passive Wex agility

Damage total 616:
-41 base damage
-63 from our 3 Exort instances
-14 Exort passive intelligence
-8 from Power Treads intelligence
-22 from Shadow Blade
-60 from Desolator
-81 from Daedalus
-88 from MKB
-24 from Mjolnir
-49 from Cold Snap
-166 from 2 Spirits

Armor Decrease total 34:
-20 from Forge Spirit's
-7 from Desolator
-5 from Assault Cuirass

As I said, with these numbers and 6 seconds, you can take down any carry and any structure in the game!

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