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Phantom Assassin || Snowball 6.87

May 19, 2016 by MiracleFan
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Blubbles (13) | May 8, 2016 9:59pm
Sorry to burst your bubble but if you're only source of damage is Phases until you manage to farm up ~8k gold... yo aint going to be doing much at all. Better to get BKB over Vanguard... then maybe its semi-decent.
plaq (3) | May 7, 2016 3:35pm
Hello, it's nice to see something different than Battle Fury oriented builds BUT (take note, I only play PA in nonranked to relax from support duty in rankeds)
-Satanic and desolator are both UAMs so you can't have armor reduction and lifesteal from satanic at the same time (you would have to go vlads to provide it).
-While PA is great at nuking people down, she is squishy and kitable so BKB is absolutely a must since you will get focused or you may be caught while looking for gank
-Blue boots stacks nice with your build-in critz but treads let you be more mana efficient while providing attack speed that let proc your crit more often and slow from dagger+phantom strike is usually enough for you to close a gap and you have SE for iniciation in your build as another gap closer. You should consider treads. Or BoTs early (like 25min) for global presence
-I honestly don't see why you ever should pick up a heart on PA since you can easily regain lost health (if you are even missing some) on creeps in jungle and there are way better items for PA
-As far as I'm concerned Divine Rapier is item that you grab when you desperately need to turn the tables. That item is something like "Last hope item" and you shouldn't pick it up for high grond siege (if it isn't all or nothing siege), because lost rapier usually tends to equals to lost game and you will be one to blame (and reported) for throwing the game.
-SnY is strange pickup on PA but now, when you can apply maim via dagger so it can work, didn't try it.
-Basher is nice snowball item, you can maybe go this over vanguard - that attack speed from phantom strike is kinda guaranteed lockdown.

You should mention that phantom strike can be viable as escape tool (blink to friendly creep or even neutral) and activating SE AFTER being out of dust range - using dust is automatic reaction when some1 with SB/SE suddenly goes invis.
Also you come online really late when considering this is snowball build (getting your core items - 3,5k deso+4,8k SE +1200phases = 9,5k not to mention vanguard and aquilla ring).

Honestly, I think that with this kind of build would suit natural snowballer like Templar Assasin more and as far as I'm concerned traditional cleave/HoD/BKB core hard carry build still suits PA better and she (from my opinion) tends to be situational pick when enemies have:
-carries that would have rough time dealing with her
-line-up that lacks lockdown

Obviously, in pubs, even PA with triple daedalus, bronw boots and heart can wipe whole enemy team but there is a reason PA isn't picked/banned often in competitive scene since there is one carry item (mkb), one support item (solar crest) that counter her (not mentioning halberd since it disables all rightclickers).
In ranked, there will always be a support ready to TP and rush helping his carry getting ganked by you and with bit of coordination you will hardly ever catch someone to kill.

Don't take me wrong, I'm pretty sure this kind of build can work in pubs, it just has some flaws (from my wiev) as i stated above.

Sincerely, Plaq
SecretAdmire- | May 26, 2016 2:55pm
well said sir..
UnholyReavrz | May 6, 2016 6:44pm
Awesome Build..
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