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Phantom Assassin Safelane Guide 6.88

July 2, 2016 by Gredow
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High DPS Snowball

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

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Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

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Phantom Strike

2 7 13 14


3 5 8 10

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


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Phantom Assassin Safelane Guide 6.88

July 2, 2016


Hi all

Thats my first guide and I hope you like it.

English isnt my first language, so I'm so sorry if I'll "hurt" English.

Phantom Assassin is one of my favourites heroes. I like her for her crits. I like her too, because I make her my first Rampage. If you are lucky, you will be master of her.

Leave your vote and comment.


Stifling Dagger-
Dagger, whose slow and take full damage. I max it as second, because I think Blur is major than it. You should use this to last-hitting in early game. If you want to kill enemy, first use Stifling Dagger, next Phantom Strike. Enemy will be slowed, when you "jump" on him.

Phantom Strike-
You "jump" on enemy and you grant bonus attack speed. I max it last, because it wont be need on high level in early and mid game.

You take evansion and you disappear from map. I think we should max it first.

Coup de Grace-
The best skill. Give you 15 procent chance for critical hit, whose take 230, 340 and 450 procent damage.


Echo Sabre-
Give you 2 attacks and slow an enemy. Thats good for Phantom Assassin, because your enemy wont run easy.

Good item who take your enemy armor. I think its good idea to buy it, because you faster kill enemy in one place (you dont need to chase enemy).

Black King Bar-
Good item on almost all melee carries. Give you resistance on all magic damage. Use it deliberately.

Moon Shard-
Give you a lot of attack speed, so you have got more chance for critical hit. If you havent got place, use it.

Skull Basher-
You can stun enemy on 1,4 second. Great item on her, because Stifling Dagger can stun too. Thanks that you dont need to chase enemy (I say that again - I know it)

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