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phantom assassin midlane 6.84 from gunslinger

August 11, 2015 by nameless7172
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midlane pa (effective in mid game as well as in late game)

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

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phantom assassin midlane 6.84 from gunslinger

August 11, 2015


i'm a big lover of phantom assassin and i've tried a big varirty of item and skill builds. now i will show you a tanky and mobile version of midlane pa which is effective in early game as well as in late game.

early game

until your lvl 6, be safeon your midlane and farm well. if you willhave a roaming support in your team who will help you killing your opponent that would be excellent but do nottry to kill an enemy untill your lvl6 and phase boots, magic wand, bracer. when you will have all these items you can easily gank enemy lanes or try to kill opponent midlaner.

midgame-late game

your first item after drums will be sange and yasha. this item is very useful in this build. it helps to become more fast and tanky. after sy is coming desolator or bkb. you have to decide. if there is much disables in enemy team bkb will help a lot but if you feel comfortable in teamfights buy desolator and make your critz really painful. after deso, buy moon shard which will help to getmore critz. when you will have phase boots, drums, sange and yasha, (bkb,) deso and moon shard, you will be very strong. after this you can change drums with skadi, use moon shard and buy butterfly and replace phase boots with trevels.


i hope you guys enjoyed my build for midlane pa. thank you for attention.

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