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PA, the cutest girl in Dota 2

April 20, 2014 by PUNCH1998
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KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

Start game items

Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Stout Shield

Early game items

Boots of Speed
Magic Wand
Skull Basher

Mid game items

Power Treads
Helm of the Dominator
Black King Bar
Battle Fury

Late game items ( half of this is just for fun and rage from the enemy team)

Abyssal Blade
Assault Cuirass
Divine Rapier
Heart of Tarrasque

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 7 9

Phantom Strike

2 5 8 10


4 12 13 14

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello internet and Dota 2 players, this is my first guide ever. This is the guide I made on Mortred, the cutest girl in Dota, and the scariest one ever created by Ice Frog. If you wants to see your enemy won't even wanted to try and kill you.

Rage at me if you want to, you have plenty of knowledge at Dota, while I am just a amateur. If you have things to say about this guide, put it the comments, and i will consider it.

Pros and cons

-Highest crits in Dota
-Hard to hit
-Nice stats gain

-Very fragile at early
-Easily to be nuke down
-Stupid ( 1 int gain per lvl)
-Items DEPENDANT!!!!!

Skill and things to know about it

One thing for sure, this skill is OP. It deals pure damage. It is not a very effective way to harass since it deals half damage to heroes ( until you hits lvl 6) but hey, 100 pure damages in the first few level is awesome. Remember, do it on creeps to get farm and last hits since you are really soft and squishy

Free blink!!! It is not a very long blink but hey, you get extra attack speed or four hits ( or 3 seconds) which ever comes first. This is a fun skill to get a kill or escape from a sticky situations.

A Free BUTTERFLY, at lvl 4 you get 40% evasion, this passive is awesome. You can "tank" tower to get that last hit for a lot of bounty from the tower or just go YOLO on a tank hero and see their health bar goes bye bye. One more cool thing, this passive will make your hero icon DISAPPEARS from the mini map, which means that your target will never see you coming ( except when they have wards, that would be bad for you)

My friend said this is a french word for "the mercy blow". Anyway, this is the most OP crits ever, since it gives you a 15% chance to do a 450% critical hits, just imagine that you have about 150 -> 200 damage, hitting more than 1000 crits damage it normal on this cute girl. LOL, it is not PA without her ultimate

Items choice and gameplay effects

1.Early game ( 1 to 5 minutes mark):
Face it, like all other carry, you are pathetic at the first few lvl of the game. So get a stout shieldand tangosis essential for you to stay in lane. And some iron wood branches for you to gain more stats and to make a wandlatter, since you need mana for the early stages and it heals should not be underestimated since it could be life changing.

2. Almost mid game (6 to 15 mintues mark)
After getting normal boots, you will need to play safe and farm up for the SKULL BASHER. You are going to need this since without it, you wont get much kill. It is a risky build since you will be really soft but hey, while your enemy has Power tread and other fancy boots at this minute marks and you got a basher and crits about 275 to 300 damages in the near mid game is terrify enough, imagine that happens to an unfarm carry or support, that must be really awesome. After the basher, get the Helm of the Dominatorfor lifesteal and the late game SATANIC
3. Mid game ( 16 to 30 minutes mark)
Time to shine guys, this is the moment when PA is the scariest. I like to get Power Treadssince you will need it health and attack speed. Since you got lots of kills with the Basher from the early stages, get a BKBwill make you impossible to kill and a Battle Furyfor some epic crits cleave. If you gets tons skill before the 25 minutes mark, you will see how cute PA is.

4. Late game ( after 31 minutes)
This is the moment when PA is a nightmare for the enemy team. Now you crits for an approximately 825 to over 900 damage. Since you are hitting like a huge truck, while not go YOLO with the items. When your Satanic is ready, be sure to take Roshan before the other team did (if you spot the other team at Roshan place, kill them or make them run, pop your BKB so that you wont get stun). Next items after the 31 minutes mark are situational. Upgrade your basher into an Abyssal Bladeis essential since it gives you more damages, and more damages more crits. Assault Cuirass could be fun since it gives you lots of attack speeds the minus armor is nice, and hey, it is a trolling items, since it is really expensive. And for more fun and trolling, a DIVINE RAPIERwill give you the chance to achieve more than 2000 crits damages. But hey, it is a double edge knife, so consider carefully before getting this baby ( Aegis could help you counter this).

Friends and Foe

-Stunners, gankers and teamfight initiators like:
MagnusEnigmaLion, Lina,...
will enjoy her crits since it will be hero kill

- Lane Supports like: Crystal Maiden, Dazzlewill help her survive in lane and ganks

- Omniknight:The perfect one for PA since he will help survive in lane, ganks and teamfights with his free BKB and powerful heal. LOL

- Doom: Don't have to explain much, he will turn you into a walking creep, just run when his DOOM is still untouched.
- Mana burners: Annoying little ****ers will tick you off to no end since there will be no way for you to catch up to them.
- Nukers like Lion, Lina and Zeus: Instagib in a mere seconds. Stay away from them until you got a bkb or when they ran out of mana to nuke you down.

So that it is, that is my first guide to PA. Help me expand my guide and tell me what items I should have get or should not have had. If you like this guide and found yourself getting tons of kill with it, I would appreciate. Thanks for reading!

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