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Orb walking tips

June 27, 2013 by GGnet.Ace
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Orb walking tips

June 27, 2013


In some heroes of dota 2 there are a few abilities that can be set to autocast and replace your normal right click attack and doesnt allow you to use unique attack modifiers (Orb effects as called in dota 1).You can see most of them listed below:
Frost Arrows
Searing Arrows
Poison Attack
Glaives of Wisdom
Burning Spear
Arcane Orb

What is Orb walking ?
Orb walking is instead of using autocast on certain abilities that enhance your right click attack clicking them manually as if they were spells.

A closer approach

Using these abilities gives you either damage ( Searing Arrows ) or slow ( Frost Arrows ) or both of them ( Poison Attack ).
In most heroes its wise to skill them from level 1 so you can profit from them and use them to outlane your opponent.

Note:Outworld Devourer's Arcane Orb isnt a typical case so you shouldnt skill your orb in level 1 since you dont have the mana to support it.

But why should you orb walk ??
The answer is because your attack are becoming free of agro so enemy creeps will ignore you,while if your enemy (non orb walker) tries to attack you back your creeps will attack him and you will profit from the trading of hits..

NEVER use the abilities mentioned above in the autocast in the EARLY GAME.This could cause you mana problems not to mention creep agro.
Later on when you are grown in levels and you wont have any mana problems or creep encounters you can use them in autocast.

Tips and Tricks

Except from the default abuse of orb walking into avoiding the creep agro you can also profit from other knowledge of mechanics.
The main thinking is that you trick the game that you are using spell NOT attacks
For example Crystal Maiden's Frostbite IS NOT considered a stun but an immobilize that doesn't allow you to attack.So abusing the mechanics of the game if you orb walk you trick the game that you are using a spell multiple times so you can attack in frostbite as its shown on the video below (plz watch it in higher qualities) /dota-2/skill/burning-spear-258

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