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Optimizing Warlock to it's MAX

April 11, 2015 by StarryOwl
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DotA2 Hero: Warlock

Hero Skills

Fatal Bonds

2 4

Shadow Word

1 3 5 7


Chaotic Offering

6 11 16



Optimizing Warlock to it's MAX

April 11, 2015

Chapter Title


I'm not giving you a full skill build as the skills u level should be situational, shadow word for more survivability / securing early kills. [b]Fatal Bonds[/b] for more lane pushing. Level your ultimate ability as soon as you can, as it will be the core of this build, ganking. Whether to level upheavel or not depends on your team, if they get their farm well and start to play aggressively, considering levelling upheavel as you can help to channel and slow down opponents to secure kills .

Chapter Title


FIrst item to always get would be a boots, arcane boots supplys you with long term mana, cost - effective compared to tons of clarity.

Next up you must get aghanim, strengthen your ultimate by a lot, crucial for ganking.

2 golems aren't enough to whack up kills on enemies? Cooldown too long for your ultimate? Refresher Orb comes next to this build. Stacking 2 + 2 golems with a total of 4 golems , and then using upheavel to prevent enemies escaping.

Situational would be Necrominions - Assists your golem or might come in handy when ur ultimate is in cooldown. Dust if your opponents include heroes such as riki, bounty hunter, or has shadowblade. Shiva Guard gives you additional armor, and active skill which might come in handy when you are alone or in teamfights

Chapter Title


This is a build to TeamFight Warlock that will scare the opponents away when they see you. It is a "must" build, ESPECIALLY when opponents love sticking with each other. find them whack them up with golems slowing them , and you might somehow come up with a rampage.

This is my first guide, so please do leave comments and corrections to my mistake. Thanks a lot for the precious time!

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