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December 1, 2012 by CheeseAndToast
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DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

Hero Skills


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2 12 13 14

Hammer Of Purity

3 8 9 10

Guardian Angel

6 11 16


15 17 18


December 1, 2012

Introduction to Omniknight, our Epic Bearded Friend

Omniknight is the hero that is easily overlooked......he`s listed as a support but has the potential to carry because of the fact that he can keep himself alive from ANYTHING. His Spells can heal,give magic immunity,slow down enemies, and can even call upon BUDDHA to protect his epic beard and his friends.

The Gear

You already have the beard, what else could you need?
Well....for starters....Mana
Omni is one of those heroes who is really really spell dependent and needs mana, but whats this crazy build for? CARRIES. NOT SUPPORTS.

Early Game:
Soul Ring is great on most heroes, Omni is no exception, but what do I get first? the Health ring or mask? WRONG. You get the Recipe first, because you can buy from the side shops anyway.
After that,get yourself a Ring of Basilius, this`ll give you some Mana Regen and can help you push the lane if you`re looking to push. If not, go ahead and be a ***** and turn the ring off. Be sure to get boots.

Mid Game:
Upgrade them boots to PHASE not ARCANE. Why? DEGEN AURA, you`re purpose is to slow as much as possible with degen aura,be a **** and body block them. Also upgrade your Basilius into a Vlads. This`ll give you some nice lifesteal which is good on anybody, as well as some extra auras for pushing. Next up, get yourself a Sange. It is a very nice item on you because it has a chance to make your attacks SLOW the enemy even more along with your DEGEN AURA. Upgrade it into a SnY ASAP, because you might wanna right click, also you`ll get extra movespeed. And before you head into the late game, pick up a HYPERSTONE which will increase your attack speed crazily. Upgrade this into either an Assault Cuirass or a Mjollnir later on.

Late Game:
As we touched on earlier, your Hyperstone should be either an Assault Cuirass or a Mjollnir depending on personal preference,team composition, or both. If you can get both items you`ll be crazy fast in the attack speed area. After that, go get yourself the item of your dreams. If you crave Tankiness get yourself a HEART OF TARRASQUE, but if it is damage you want, get yourself a DIVINE RAPIER. if you choose to go with the latter I will call you a Heartless Monster-get it? get it? aw who am I kiddin`.


Get Purification right off the bat, the heal will come in handy once you run out of tangoes or your Health pot was destroyed by that pesky ranged creep. continue to max it out first. at level 2 you want to get a level of repel so that Spell Spamming Lina on the other team cant do SHEIZA to you. At level 3 you want to get Degen Aura, this will help you get a first blood, and combined with phase boots in the items chapter, you can really be annoying to enemies and they will see you as more of a threat. Max this out 2nd. Next up is your ULTIMATE SKILL, Guardian Angel. This skill calls upon your God of choice, and he will save you from all that is mortal (physical attacks) but you`ll have to save yourself from anything that is divine (magical damage). He also heals up your wounds for you. What a nice guy.

The Friends and Foes

People who you can kill steal easily, because as a carry you want to get as much kills as possible, even if that means having to killsteal. Also, being a good teammate will get you some commends on your Dota profile.

So lets go with:
Not only can he be KS`d easily,he will really benefit from a free BKB.

Any Other Carry
Why? Free BKB.

We all know the trick, Huskar uses Life Break,then you heal him up.

Kunkka and Leshrac
Their respective stuns have set up times, so use that Degen Aura to slow them down and body block for an easy stun hit.

Who doesn`t like Chuck Norris? apparently these haters (Heroes)

Riki, Phantom Lancer and Naga Siren
These guys will almost always have a diffusal blade in pubs, so they will wanna take down your Repel as much as possible.

FUS RO DAAAAAAAH! His Primal Roar will go right through Magic Immunity, making your Repel ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS

He`s just an arsehole thief, lets say you just Guardian Angel`d and you repel a teammate so they can be virtually invulnerable. And this twitchy scumbag steals your Guardian Angel because you didn`t give yourself magic immunity.

Teammates in pubs
They`ll rage at you and keep telling you to do support stuff. Screw them.

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