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Obsidian World Destoryer

February 17, 2012 by Neltron
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DotA2 Hero: Outworld Destroyer

Hero Skills

Arcane Orb

5 7 10 12

Astral Imprisonment

1 3 13 14

Essence Flux

2 4 6 9

Sanity's Eclipse

8 11 16


15 17 18

Obsidian World Destoryer

February 17, 2012


Obsidian Destroyer in my opinion is one of the strongest mid solo next to Invoker with out all the button mashing and weeks of training. Easy lane control getting all the last hits and denies he wants.

+ Lots of mana and stats
+ Versatile
+ Lane Control
+ Ranged
+ Melts people

- Fragile like paper
- Item dependent
- Some what team dependent
- Weak escape mechanism
- Very Fragile like wet paper


Ok so Astral Imprisonment is your best skill IMO super useful and versatile. Can be used like Pucks Phase Shift to be a selfish hero an only save your self or you can also cast it on your team mates to save them!!! If your fast it is great for dodging Pudge hooks and Mirana arrows. At level 1-3 use astral imprisonment to get that last hit and deny, but remember last hits are way more important. With beast base damage you'll easily dominate your lane. Harass when possible when you have the extra int steal which is nice because of the increases you mana regen and damage and if your opponent makes the mistake of staying to get a deny on the last creep of the wave astral imprisionment him and watch as your creeps surround him works best in solo lanes.

Arcane Orb use to melt all the heroes later in the game this skill really scares people off and causes them to think twice at running at you. Also if you have and crystal Maiden on your team you might want to get this skill much earlier, the mana regen is godlike.

Essence Aura great for any hero with a skill they can spam like you! Really helpful to the team also gives you all that mana.

Sanity Eclipse best used after you use Astral Imprisonment on an enemy hero so you steal that int and get that multiplier up to do crazzzzyyy damage on a unsuspecting str hero. Wait till lvl 8 to get this skill so you have some items backing you that give you int.



GET THESE!!! Stats and attack speed. Before you use your ulti have them on Int after change them to str so you can live to see another day.

Really good at helping you run away early game if you know what your doing. Best way to escape is forces you self through trees. Cheap int item for ulti.

Gives you another way to completely disable a hero while you destroy another with Arcane Orb, helps turn a 2 v 1 fight your direction. Cheap int item for ulti.

Good int and the attack speed is a plus.

Optional if your raping everything get this

No one will escape!!! Use this if they are getting away then force staff your self closer to the enemy hero to get the most attacks in. Pro Tip!

End Items:

WOAH! another disable!! Best item the stats are just amazing. Banish and Scythe aannndd Eul's Scepter if you smart GG.

Mainly used for that attack speed but the extra damage will make your Arcane Orb do crazy damage and turn you in the a killing machine.

Weak stats for this hero best the increase cast range on the ulti is some what helpful.

Crazy items you might need!!

Linken's Sphere is better mainly because of that +15 to stats but BKB is nice to get out of silences and disables.


Offence vs Defense if your winning get the Assault Cuirass to do even more damage if you are get rushed by melee heroes get the Shiva's Guard then kill them all.

Only get this if you really good and the enemy team has Earthshaker, Sand King or Tiny. This is a simple way to get them to waste all there stuns and lead your team to a easy team fight. Soo you use this by blinking in then casting Astral Imprisonment on your self as some heroes try to cast their non target-able spells on you completely missing while your team moves in to back you up, cast your ulti once you come out of your Imprisonment.

Rethink your life items:

NO wont save you.


Delete the game

and of course everything with a Unique Attack Modifier.

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