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Never Make a Deal With a Dragon

May 6, 2012 by ZombieWhale
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Dragon Knight

Hero Skills

Dragon Blood (Innate)

Breathe Fire

4 8 9 10

Dragon Tail


Wyrm's Wrath

1 3 5 7

Elder Dragon Form

6 15 16


11 12 13 14 17 18

Never Make a Deal With a Dragon

May 6, 2012

Beginning Lane Phase

I've played Dragon Knight several different ways, and I personally found this works best for me. As you probably have noticed, I don't buy any tangos or health potions in the beginning since I get one point in Dragon Blood right off the bat. This gives you 2 hp regen as well as 2 armor which will allow you to harass, and heal pretty quickly if need be. If I happen to need a potion, I simply call the courier with one. Dragon Knight has a really difficult early game, if you max your Breathe Fire first, and I personally don't think it's that great of an ability aside from farming and getting the last hit on a hero, so I max Dragon Blood first which gives you unbelievable lane sustainability early on. The urn of shadows will help you keep you mana up for your Dragon Tail, which has one of the longest stuns in the game at level one. Leveling up doesn't help it much in terms of duration, so I just ignore that ability until the end after I have one point in it. The helm of dominator is also a great early game item, since it gives you more armor in addition to the armor from Dragon Blood and lifesteal. With all the armor you have, as well as nice HP regen, it allows Dragon Knight to be a hard harasser, without having to go back to fountain much at all. One thing to remember is that Dragon Knight is pretty heavily reliant on items, so last hitting is key. If you suck at last hitting, try a different hero, because more than likely, you'll just fail with him.

Mid-Late Game

The reason I don't get level two dragon until level 15 is because at level one, you can take out towers more effectively, as well as slowing enemy heroes with the poison. By the time you reach 15 and 16, you should have enough items for the splash effects of the dragons to really rape anything. Depending on what your team comp is, you may want to get more survival items, such as assault cuirass or heart of tarrasque if your team needs a good initiator, this allows you to sit in the middle of the fight without worrying much about dying. If your team is all set for initiators, you can build more carry items such as Daedalus or Satanic to deal out massive damage. I typically will build more survival items which will only help keep you alive and all the points in the stats will help deal quite a bit of damage as well.

A good strategy for initiations, is to go immediately into dragon form, then stun an enemy hero since your stun will have extended range in dragon form, as well as you basic attacks. This allows for you team to jump in, while your firing away with your basic attacks, and picking up the kill with Breathe Fire. Hope this helps all those who want to learn how to play Dragon Knight.

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