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MZZ PA build ( ez and strong )

May 8, 2014 by icyprince
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DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

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MZZ PA build ( ez and strong )

May 8, 2014

How to Play PA effectively.

Hello, first of all, this is short guide, on how to play this build. Its very easy and simple, trust me. Since it is short, I strongly suggest u read it till the end.

Just focus on last hitting, get magic wand and treads asap on laning. If u are heavily harrased in lane, get Poor Man's shield b4 anything.

Get mael after that for flash farm and occasional kills. Get force staff for survivalbility. Use it to escape ganks. Once force staff is done, build mjolnir. Now u are starting to get big.

If the game is passive, its PA advantage. Farm up that HoT asap to tank up damage while u jumping in middle of teamfights with mjolnir buff on. Let RNG do the work for u, just focus the right target. Dont stupidly right click opponent tanker.

If the game is very agressive, u still need to farm up the HoT fast. Mjolnir buff without HoT is not effective. So pick your fight wisely. Id suggest u only go to fight if u can get definite kills with small chance of dying.

When u finished ur HoT, u r officially a killing machine. just roam for kills with a support with stun and farm natural creeps in the meantime.

I personally like deso after HoT as it is cheap, and it got armor reduc. Great when pushing towers and to burst down important target asap.

Situational items :
1. If the opponent is a natural butterfly carrier, u have to save ur money after buying HoT. Item check opponent carries to see if they are building butterfly. If yes, u should definitely build MKB first.

2. If the opponent have more than 3 lockdown spell, or u simply cant fight effectively because opponent keep stunning you, u should build BKB right after HoT.

3. If u up against PL army, Anti-Mage, TerrorBlade any illusion based carry hero, farm up ur core item fast and build Battlefury. Mjolnir + Battlefury will cure and cancer in the game. You just need to make sure u tank all the damage with Mjolnir proc on u.

Priority for situational item is BKB>MKB>Battlefury. Sometimes u will need to skip Deso for BKB or MKB, it depends.

Other Explaination. FAQ

Why skill up Blur early?

Blur is a great skill early to mid game, when the opponent doesnt have MKB up. It GREATLY increase ur survivalbility in teamfights if u didnt blindly jump in first. ALWAYS wait for ur initiator to start the fight, and u burst down important target right after.

Really? No Battlefury early-mid game?

IMHO, Battlefury sucks hard on PA. Mael do more with less cost, and easier to build. Dont even let me start on Mjolnir. That thing is a beast on PA. However, Battlefury is great as a 6th slot item if really needed. Like i mentioned, if u up against illu based hero, its a great pickup along with Mjolnir.

What goes well with PA?

Any ranged supports do well with PA, preferably one with a stun. If u doing trilane, should be pretty easy to set up kills. Wraith King support also is a beast to be paired up with PA late game, imagine how are u going to kill a PA with HoT, Mjolnir proc on, deso, MKB. He hits u hard and get 30% lifesteal from Wraith King along with tank items (HoT, Mjolnir proc).

How I play it?

I dont initiate first early to mid game. I let my allies initiate and i just sweep the battlefield clean. When I got my HoT up, its me who starts to initiate first, so my squishy supp didnt die too fast and can protect me. After that should just be a ride in the park.


I dont feel PA is a great hero to play from behind, so if u playing with friends, I heavily suggest u get a space creator for mid, who can buy u time to farm. And u will need to play safe until u have the core items up. It is very important for you to know when to get into fights or just play passive and farm up when your team is fighting.

NOW 1ST PICK PA AND GO SLAY AND TRASH IN PUBS. Please rate the build and comments, so i can get some feedback on the build. Have a nice day.

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