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Mortred The Phantom Assassin (Waifu ampotcha~!)

April 12, 2017 by Ate Maimai
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Don't-Blink-Or-You'll-Miss-Me strat

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

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Early Game pa lang!

Bes! Middle game na!

Oh sige,Palakasan na!!!

Hero Talents

+5% Coup de Grace
Triple Strike Stifling Dagger
+20% Blur Evasion
-4 Armour Corruption
+25% Cleave
+15% Lifesteal
+150 Health
+15 Damage

Mortred The Phantom Assassin (Waifu ampotcha~!)

Ate Maimai
April 12, 2017


We all know Mortred is a true carry (Legit si Ate ohh). Of course, her first skill to level up is, yes, 1st skill the Stifling Dagger. The reason is when you are attacking an enemy, we all know that we always throw it to them. Some new users who doesn't use Mortred properly often level up 2nd skill or 3rd skill randomly in the Early game (I know,I already experienced that teammate ;-;). Spamming 1st skill sometimes can slow down your enemy and it is your chance to kill them.


You sometimes need to farm, It is in case when you're in a low level. Farming too long can kill you, and yes, you will receive different teases/trashtalks from your teammates. Farming on different areas are a good idea of roaming (Is it?), beware farming randomly, enemies might meet up with you while you are farming and sometimes end up falling in their trap.

Dagger throwing~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Stifling Dagger are one of the reasons why most of the enemies' other teammate got feed. With Coup De Grace, the enemy's full health can reduce severely. The more Coup De Grace and Stifling Daggers are used together, the more the kills you gain~

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